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Play Play this Show Add to Playlist About This Show Show Info: The Branch offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of Jews and Arabs in Israel forging meaningful relationships. Presented by Hadassah and hosted by Dina Kraft, The Branch shines a light on the stories of people living the example of a shared society. Together. Even though its complicated. Hadassah believes in the power of women for Israel, and that positive stories from Israel can make a powerful impact. Today the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) serves 1 million patients a year, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, HMO doctors, nurses and staff work together, Arab and Jewish, building bridges to peace through medicine. HMO is the only medical organization to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Read more » @hadassah /Hadassah Listen Whenever iOS Android Web Player Related Shows Most Recent Episode The Branch #17: Skyping Gaza 5 days ago 31 minutes From each side of the Israel-Gaza border, two peace advocates – Rami and Roni. organize via Skype and WhatsApp, convinced that people-to-people ties can help break the deadlock of decades of cross-border fighting. Read more » Episodes of This Show 36 minutes, Dec 16, 2019 25 minutes Nov 20, 2019 26 minutes Oct 23, 2019 27 minutes Sep 18, 2019.

Watch 'Benjamin Ami' online at ultra fast data transfer rate Watch Benjamin Ami Online Flashx Watch Benjamin Ami full English Film. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations. The spiritual leader and founder of the African Hebrew Israelites community, Ben Ami Ben-Israel, passed away at the age of 75 on Sunday in Dimona, leaving behind a heart-wrenched community who adored the leader and was known as "Great Father" to his followers. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter Born in Chicago as Ben Carter, Ben-Israel's death occurred a year and a half after he finally received his Israeli citizenship. Ben Ami Ben-Israel passes away at the age of 75. (Photo: Meir Azulay) The community, which some labeled a cult, was established in Chicago's underprivileged neighborhoods as part of the Black Hebrews movement, and followed Ben-Israel to Israel during the '60s. Today the community has about 2, 700 members, the majority of which live in Dimona. The members of the community have a unique vegan lifestyle and fast every Saturday. The community sustains itself with vegan restaurants located in Tel Aviv and Dimona, where they now call home. The Hebrew African Israelites were shocked by the death of Ben-Israel, who had been receiving treatment at the Saroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva for an illness. The community issued a day of mourning and canceled school on Sunday. Ben-Israel with members of the African Hebrew Israelites who joined the IDF. (Photo: Israel Joseph) We are focusing on sitting with our children and staying with family to explain what happened. said community spokesman Yahav Montgomery. "We are united and focusing on continuing the actions of the rabbi, our leader. We still haven't come to grips with it and it is a pain and sorrow that cannot be expressed – but we will overcome this. " In a statement released by the community it was written: He devoted his life to the community, the state of Israel and the land of Israel. He created a unique model of social development that should be encouraged and emulated. Despite the disagreements between the community and the country at the beginning of our journey, Ben Ami was consistent in his commitment to the country. The Hebrew community will remain loyal the vision of our leader and will continue his vast work in Israel and around the world. " The Mayor of Dimona, Beni Biton, said: In the past few days 61 housing units were approved for their community. He personally worked on the matter along with the former internal minister Gideon Sa'ar who helped them much. He was not able to see the big vegan festival that we conducted because he didn't feel well. " We love Israel with all of our hearts, get drafted into the army and see ourselves as an inseparable part of the State of Israel. Ben-Israel said in the past. Ben-Israel, a former Baptist, founded the community after a coworker enlightened him on the notion that he was a descendent of the biblical Israelites and in 1966 Ben-Israel claimed he had received a vision from the angel Gabrel. In 1967, Ben-Israel gathered a couple hundred African American believers and led his followers, part of the Black Hebrews movement, to Liberia. After losing some of his followers, Ben-Israel sent families to Israel and then moved to Dimona with the rest of his followers in 1969. The group initially received resistance from Israeli authorities – the community wished to become Israeli citizens according to the Jewish Law of Return. However, Ben-Israel and the rest of the members of his group received temporary residency in the 1990s and in 2003 they were given permanent residency. Ben-Israel and the mayor of Dimona take a ona celebrate Ben-Israel citizenship. (Photo: Dimona Municipality) Ben-Israel only received his citizenship a year and a half ago in a special ceremony with former interior minister Gideon Sa'ar. The group consists of a hierarchical system which includes 12 consultants known as princes, and 13 priests which hold religious and spiritual positions. There are also ministers who are responsible for the management and the daily logistics of the community, and finally there are the members responsible for supervising the daily ongoing of the community.

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YouTube. Trumps decision to assassinate a leading Iranian official in Iraq yesterday has contributed to the split inside the Israel lobby in the United States. Republican Israel supporters celebrate the killing, and see it as destroying the hope of saving the Iran deal. Democratic Israel supporters question the decision, and some are very critical. Thus the killing seems to have advanced a process that Israel supporters have lamented in recent years: the politicization of Israel support, which has opened up political space to critics of Israel. Early today, Israels prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unreserved in hailing Trump. The president acted “swiftly, forcefully and decisively” in supposed self-defense, just what Israel does, Netanyahu said. Rightwing pro-Israel organizations have also embraced the assassination. The neoconservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies sees a tremendous upside in the attack. One of its fellows, Reuel Marc Gerecht, says, “This ends any possibility of nuclear negotiations. ” But Democratic supporters of Israel have voiced mild to harsh criticisms. Even the hawkish Eliot Engel says the assassination will have “unpredictable” consequences and endanger the lives of Americans around the world. Speaking on the Senate floor, Chuck Schumer criticized the decision as thoughtless and possibly illegal, leading to a “potentially endless conflagration in the Middle East. ” Schumer went on, “The risk of a much longer military engagement in the Middle East is acute and immediate. This action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war. ” Another Israel supporter was even more scathing. Sen. Chris van Hollen of Maryland says the attack could close “the door on the Iran deal. ” In a speech on the Senate floor, he also said the attack makes Americans less safe and blames “warmongering ideologues. ” Schumer and Van Hollen have J Street at their back. The liberal Zionist organization now can say that it represents the majority of congressional Democrats (with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer appearing at its recent conference) and its statement on the killing is strong and vehement: J Street is deeply alarmed by the Trump administrations targeted assassination of Irans General Qassem Soleimani. This highly dangerous step, taken without congressional authorization, could trigger a disastrous escalation costing the lives of thousands and lead our country into a devastating new war of choice in the Middle East…. Congress must now take immediate, decisive action to prevent a new war which the American people do not want…. That statement does include the Democratic Party talking point of blaming the targeted general, Qasim Suleimani, for the deaths of hundeds, but it is emphatic in denouncing the attack. [T]he assassination of such a senior figure is an extremely reckless step taken by an out-of-control administration that has repeatedly signaled its contempt for diplomacy and its interest in provoking an armed conflict with the Iranian regime. Carrying out a strike that is likely to be viewed as an act of war, without explicit congressional debate or authorization, shows flagrant contempt for the Constitution. David Harris of the American Jewish Committee is enraged by the liberal Israel lobby. He tweets: To those lambasting US action against #Soleimani, what was your alternative plan? To allow him to continue to kill & terrorize across region—& plot against Americans? Or maybe to dialogue w/ him about peace & coexistence? Or to seek arbitration? Or to pray for his redemption? Jeremy Ben- Ami of J Street responds by lauding the Iran deal, or JCPOA. To  @DavidHarrisAJC and others asking “what alternative” there was, I say world safer when Iran, US engaged in diplomacy, limiting Irans nuclear program and moving away from war than w/ ME on brink of war, US isolated and Iran ginning up centrifuges. Alternative clear + better. Matt Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition also lands angrily on Ben-Ami: whoa, what? are you seriously arguing that Soleimani started his reign of terror and destabilzation only after we pulled out of the JCPOA? Thats awfully naive. In fact he was doing it WHILE we were negotiating and after the deal was signed and in fact, aided by 150bil cash. Ben-Ami responded that “you celebrate an extrajudicial assassination w/o Cong notice or authorization, intl support or legal authority. ” He then cited a thread by Elissa Slotkin, a Democratic congresswoman from Michigan and former White House security aide to Bush and Obama and a strong supporter of Israel. Slotkins thread is very hawkish and deep-state, though in the end critical of the assassination given the likelihood of severe retaliation. An excerpt: What always kept both Democratic and Republican presidents from targeting Soleimani himself was the simple question: Was the strike worth the likely retaliation, and the potential to pull us into protracted conflict? The two administrations I worked for both determined that the ultimate ends didnt justify the means. Clearly some Democrats and centrist Israel supporters back the assassination. Josh Gottheimer, a new hawk in the Democratic Party, pretty much applauds the action. (As does a leading rabbi, David Wolpe of Temple Sinai in LA, who gave the benediction at the Democratic convention 8 years ago but loves what Trump did. ) The wedge here would seem to be the Iran deal. The partisan divide that emerged in 2015 inside the Israel lobby over the deal has become more bitter and partisan with Trumps apparent willingness to do whatever Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson want him to do, from moving the embassy to recognizing the Golan to tearing up the Iran deal. Chuck Schumer was one of four Dem senators to vote against President Obama on the Iran deal, but has said since that he supports it as a matter of stability. Trump took an extreme action yesterday to demolish the deal forever. In doing so, he also further undermined bipartisan support for Israel.