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This is going to be some shit that's well around who-fucking-knows characters (after some counting, it was around 20k) long, and I just feel like doing this with a, sort of stream of consciousness form of typing, since I feel like it's the best way to address this sort of issue. And I feel like I'm going to break down emotionally anytime soon. This was originally in audio (and unfinished) but I figured that, one, my equipment's shit, I'm not a podcaster or somefuck, DO I LOOK LIKE I'M SUPPORTED BY AUDIBLE OR SQUAREPSACE? And two, I feel like a lot of you folks would hate my voice, so, yeah, I felt like this would be better in text form. I reckoned that I should post here, since there is nowhere else where I feel like posting, posting at is weird, posting at tumblr means reblogging and not actually contributing in a full chain of conversations (it's no forum, hence I ain't posting there) and /trash/ is just, well, trash/ I feel like reddit is the best place to post this shit, but since I'm a regular on reddit and has been lurking here since the day I watched the film (and I don't want any of you to track my account) so I made a throwaway where I would use just here and solely here. I've uh. seen a lot of shit-posting on this subreddit and someone like /u/Save7Wave and /u/DanOSG talking shit (and shit talking against each other, unironically) on this subreddit (and someone drew fanart of them, I mean, albeit a shitty one, but it's goddamn FANART about members of a FUCKING FANDOM, PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY, HOW DEEP ARE WE FUCKING GOING) and I feel like, hey, I may as well address a little bit of my two cents on this, since I've been lurking for a month or so, and I've been thinking about this shit for more or less 30 days, and I don't feel like keeping it anymore. Fellas, this gon be a long post, so bear yourselves, cause this may well be the longest original shit-post you have ever fucking seen. I'd say that shit under is 2/3 real talk, and 1/3 gibberish. I'm not sure if any of you guys would read this entirely, but I feel like I wrote most of these to myself, as a way of venting my inner emotions. (Let's not get philosophical here) So, I feel like you folks would want to hear some backstory, so here it is: A year ago, around this time, I stumbled upon this teaser trailer about this one particular animated film, namely "Zootopia" on Youtube. I was intrigued by the idea, ish. Jason Bateman narrated the trailer, and who doesn't like a little bit of Bateman? OK, probably not "a little bit" this film is actually filled with a fairly huge dose, though, also The Switch was better than Horrible Bosses 2) But seriously Disney, you've been making films about anthropomorphic animals, for what, 80 years? Steamboat Willie) And that was my initial reaction. Fast forward to next year, this March, a few friends of mine watched the film, said it was pretty awesome, me, bothered by my other problems in life, didn't give a flying, swimming, nor a crawling fuck about it. I don't know why I didn't watch it then, but I just felt like I probably just stopped hyping last November, and well, when you stop hyping, you stop hyping. (I'm sorry if this sentence makes zero sense. So in June, I had my shit sort out, one Friday night, I said "fuck it" I'll watch "that furry film" and I pressed the play button, on (don't kill me for not paying in theatres, and to be fair (yeah, you guys are right, it's never fucking fair) it was no longer in theatres anymore) and you had to press that play button, Rick, YOU FUCKING HAD TO. WORST DECISION OF THE YEAR, RICK, BAD MOVE. Did I regret it? Fuck no. Honestly? It was an outstanding movie, FUCKING A, FOR REAL. (Or so as I thought. So I watched it again. And again. AND AGAIN. FOUR TIMES. FOUR FUCKING TIMES IN AN ENTIRE FUCKING NIGHT. OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GOING GAGA OVER THIS SHIT. And I can't resist it, it's like an urge, a fucking addiction, that you want to watch this film over and over and over and fucking over. At that instant, I knew I was obsessed, oh, I knew, I knew I was obsessed as fuck. There were times of me being obsessed with a certain movie, four of them, in total. (I won't tell you which ones since they're fucking I don't know, embarrassing, somehow I don't regret though, k, k, one of them was Tangled) And they're all goddamn animated movies (No shit. Somehow I'm a sucker for animated movies, but it just feels like you get a, sort of, punch drunk feeling over this. I mean none of my top 5 favourite films are animated, but I mean these movies, they just don't have replay value. I'm not really a replay person, whether I read a book, watch a film, TV series, et cetera cetera, I just lack that impulse to (and I also don't expect myself to) watch it again as I'm usually that kind of person. Typically, these type of obsessions fade away in say, two or three weeks, four weeks max. But this case, with Zootopia, I've had a feeling that this gon be at least twice as long, if not more. So this is where I call the "five stages of grief" phase, where I start a four-day denial by distancing myself from the Internet as a whole, anger with I don't know, voluntary solitude and shit, bargaining by on-and-off subscribing this subreddit (I just kept subscribing and unsubscribing I don't know what was wrong with me) I skipped the depressing stage cause it wasn't worth it, and after a week after watching the film, I accepted it, but I felt like it was that I HAD TO, INSTEAD OF THAT I FUCKING WANTED TO. (It feels good, though, it's not like I hated this film, I just didn't want myself to be all infatuated with it) Felt like a dark force doctoring me into this sort of community (no offence) And I fell in love with the fanart, the fan fiction, and all those shit related to Zootopia. And there was a time that I just hoped my future self would regret, it was those kinds of OH MY GOD moments, where I just kept getting deeper down the rabbit hole (or fox hole, whatever) and I realized I was doing some real unhealthy shit since checking r/zootopia or tumblr for fanart is now my first thing and last thing to do after I wake up and before I go to sleep. As if we're moons revolving around planet WildeHopps. And now? I'm currently at the /trash/ phase. I, PERSONALLY, DID NOT EXPECT I WOULD ENTER THE FUCKING /TRASH/ PHASE, 1 month ago me would berate me for it, and I bet 1 year later me would laugh at this shit whenever he brings it up. But, I just can't defy this kind of shit, you know. You're in an urge, searching for fanart, and you end up in somewhere like, watching Judy and Nick having a threesome with a GODDAMN OC. I thought this shit would fade away, but it doesn't, it just feels different. Zootopia was, it was a different experience compared to other films I have been obsessed with in the past, it just kept going uphill, the more fanart/fic I read, the more I'm into this shit, and I don't think I can located the goddamn summit of said hill. It just is a different film. As far as I know, I don't have any mental problems, sometimes (I'm really fucking skeptical, I mean I trust doctors, but somehow I just don't trust psychiatrists, dunno why) I seriously doubt myself about being mentally normal and all and getting all paranoid and shit, I'm not a psychopath, I'm not bipolar, I'm not schizophrenic or Tourette's or some other shit, but I just feel wrong, you know, it's like I hate doing things that enjoy me, and I want to seriously enter a stage of depression and being all FUCKING DEPRESSED AND SHIT, but I just can't. I'm a fucking contradiction. I'm a fucking contradiction, I hate it, and I love it. (I know this is getting a little bit off-topic) I'm both optimistic and pessimistic, both introverted and extroverted, both emotional and chill and the same time, it's like I shouldn't have existed at all, just cause I just feel like I'm just a bunch of stuff rammed together. (And I also don't know what I'm fucking talking about right now) Here are some of my thoughts on Zootopia and the fandom though: FIRST OF ALL, I FUCKING SHIP WILDEHOPPS, I SHIP THEM LIKE A FUCKING DORK, cause I used to point and laugh at people who ship characters like WHY THE FUCK DO YOU SHIP THEM EVEN WHEN THEY ARE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS FROM DIFFERENT FRANCHISES. THEY'RE NOT EVEN DISTRIBUTED BY THE SAME GODDAMN COMPANY! All in all, I have a feeling that I was succumbed into this shit, instead of voluntarily, still, I enjoy shipping them, I enjoy the fanart, and fan fiction, and the like. So, all aboard S. S. WildeHopps, I guess? I'm starting to ship WildeSavage, and I pretty much guarantee that I'll regret it in the next few weeks, and BogoxClawhauser, and HOLY SHIT I'M A SICK FUCK) In short, Judy and Nick are a goddamn power couple. At the end of the film, I no longer see them as two different characters, rather as a single entity, cause holy shit these two got so much shit alike. They say there will always be a moment in a guy's lifetime where he looks at some other man and say "wow, he's pretty hot" aka the "gay moment" I mean I'm not gay, I'm straight, but one just admits that he was caught up by that one guy's attractiveness. Right, I gave that moment to Nick, Nick Wilde. HOLY FUCK. I gave it A FUCKING FOX. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, RICK? That smugness, that know-it-all mode of thinking, that playfulness, that questionable fashion sense, that "I know a lot of people" attitude, that “I love you but I gotta fuck with you first" face. And holy shit he is one hell of a boyfriend material. And Judy. I always thought people were kinda just joking when they say they find say, Lola Bunny or Nala from Lion King, hot. Nope. NOPE. Holy fuck she's hot, not "I wanna bang her" hot, but "what in the name of fuck, she's adorable, I kinda wanna hug her all day" hot. (OK, a little bit of the former, A LITTLE BIT) Right. RIGHT. She's a bunny. So now, I'm currently having a. I dunno, a fetish or something? I'm not sure if it qualifies as a fetish, if it's larger than the umbrella term or shit, but, uh, I kinda wanna have a policewoman as a girlfriend, and possibly marry her or something else (Is this normal. You know, someone who has my back, I kinda imagine this kind of conversation going on: Your cuffs or my cuffs. Oh wait, I don't have cuffs, I'll just use yours" but I mean, first of all, I have to get into this handcuffs and BDSM and stuff) My mother always wanted me to be a police officer or else, an analyst at an investigation bureau, or just a detective or some shit, but my reply was always no, cause I'm no police material. I mean I'm not Nick, I'm barely like him, I despise the idea of boy scouts, and I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades than a hustler or a con artist. I have a lot of dreams, and none of those were police-related, I wanted to be a musician, a bassist, a rapper, a historian, a linguist, an academic in general, or a podcaster, a freelancer doing I don't know help building websites or translation, or a host of documentaries or the like, I'm good at researching and learning stuff, but, no, I'm just not that someone who should be a police. I mean I SAY "FUCK THE POLICE" ALL DAY, and I'm not even sure, I kinda feel that the meaning of that said sentence has been deteriorating everytime I yell it at the top of my lungs, society tells me to trust the police, but the media says otherwise, and I'm not sure which one is trying to be manipulating me, but I'm a skeptical person, so I just reckoned that both of them are. (On the side note here: having a police girlfriend is gonna make that slogan literal though) And I find Zootopia changing my music taste, when life was a little rough-ish during the earlier months of the year, I was listening to death-metal, metalcore, grime, gangsta rap, and other more hardcore stuff on the music spectrum. The day I finished watching Zootopia, I tuned in to some much more, less-tainted stuff e. g. alternative rock, funk rock, and the like, and as days passed, I ended up listening to music I never realized that I never stopped embracing, that is, post-punk revival and indie pop, one day I found myself listening to "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers 50 times in a row, but maybe, I don't know, I just felt like this song fits the Zootopia atmosphere so well, I will continue to embrace it until my obsession fades, so here I kinda have my full playlist under the title "You Just Watched Zootopia Again, Didn't You" and here's are the tracks (gah I used to hate pop, but I feel like Zootopia is trying to force-feed me hit songs) Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand Human/Mr. Brightside/When You Were Young/Somebody Told Me by the Killers Banquet by Bloc Party Fell In Love With A Girl by the White Stripes Fluorescent Adolescent/R U Mine/Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie Evil by Interpol The District Sleeps Alone Tonight/Such Great Heights by the Postal Service Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters Reptilia/Someday/12:51/Last Nite by the Strokes Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet Can't Stop/Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers Hysteria by Muse Now some light-hearted stuff, I'll try to spit some stuff that I've been thinking/daydreaming of about Zootopia, the fan art/fiction and the fandom itself. Sexiest Judy SFW fanart? Any with her in a sports bra. Sexiest Nick SFW fanart? Any with him in police uniform holding a gun and having at least half of the buttons left unbuttoned. Namely, this. Hottest Nick fanart, though? I'd say him in the style of spintherella, especially in "Inter Schminter" Sexiest NSFW fanart? I have one in my mind but the sidebar doesn't allow me to post it here, so. Favourite piece of fanart? I really need a backstory of this particular art. pretty stunning, though. Heartwarming as well. Fan fiction ideas? I don't have any. K, I lied I do have one, so there's this one time I saw them in a punk AU, and I hated it, I despise the time setting, but nothing makes me loathe more than them piercing and stuff, I mean, it would act better if it's a post-punk AU, since I'm not really fond of seeing them dressing in punk fashion, and then it hit me. Nick's fashion sense, this "pseudo-formal" way of clothing, Hawaiian shirt and tie, fits right in in a POST-PUNK REVIVAL AU, then I thought a little bit more further, and wow, Judy and Nick could've fit as THE WHITE STRIPES, or you know, if you wanna go full Zootopia punny, then it's uh, THE BITE STRIPES" That kinda makes Judy into a wannabite, doesn't it? Judy would be an outstanding Meg White, her bunny genes and all, remember Thumper from Bambi, holy fuck, Judy's gon be the best metronome since Ringo Starr. (Not underestimating Jude-the-dude's abilities, though, she'd definitely be dope on that double pedal, Judy's drum solo over Gazelle's tiger dancers anyday) Not sure how Nick would fit as Jack White, though, but I guess that's an issue for another day. I think most troublesome matter here is how to convince the public that they were siblings instead of lovers (or is it ex-lovers. Pred/prey step-siblings? Yeah, I wouldn't be persuaded as well. And also I don't really want them ended up breaking up, with Nick producing a solo album, and Judy. sobs internally Headcanons? Red foxes are a silhouette of the Irish here in our world, this idea sprouted from the Nick Wilde-Oscar Wilde connection, and Gideon being a southerner that are usually Scotch-Irish descent, other than that? No, I don't really have explanation why I feel like thinking this shit. Finnick being half-Algerian French (explaining stuff like French hip-hop and fennec distribution) and dunno. half-Senegalese? Cause the accent, but sometimes I just wished that Finn was voiced with a really fucking heavy Boston accent, since, well fits Finn himself and the Irish foxes theory I just talked about above. this really is a stretch, isn't it? Someone mentioned in their tumblr that Oscar Isaac is their headcanon human Nick Wilde, whereas I beg to differ, since Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame) fits way much better than Isaac. Most disappointing fan fic? A Savage Lover by Joey-the-FNaF-Fan. Joey, DID YOU SERIOUSLY TURN HIM A MOTHERFUCKING SUPERHERO OR SHIT DURING CHAPTER 7, WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK? Here I quote: Nick has gained the ability. to go SAVAGE. at will. What the hell? This fic was pretty decent up to that point, where it kinda fell short of my expectations, and well, needless to say, I was utterly discontented. Nevertheless, I finished at the chapter where you last updated. Well I guess the only way to save this fanfic is to make Nick use his "superpowers" later on in later chapters. Ain't it so? Favourite fanart artist/fanfic author? I've got a lot of people to thank, uh... nicolaswildes on tumblr since he picked up Zistopia where Disney left off (sidenote here, I was eagerly looking forward to Zistopia's script to be released in later months, but once I came across this fan-made plot, where I was dissatisfied, to which I said "Eh, I feel like canon plot's better" marvelous extended universe, and I'm highly anticipating Episode 2 of the dub version, the chins though (or rather the lack of them) is making me think that Judy having a beard is more or less a thing during the 70s; eightspartans (or alec8ter, I'm not sure which one I should address) my favourite art style to date, and probably the first time I feel that OCs can be likable; textsfromzootopians: I'd say the best Zootopia fan blog on Tumblr, seriously, it's real funny shit, I highly recommend it if you've never seen it; Eric Schwartz (aka the Judy blushes every page) unique art style, and I love the plot, just pure gold. mistermead: oh god, you're drawing some real heavy shit these days, not particularly fond of the "Judy is dead" AU, but what can I say, it just straight up yells "talent" and finally zooijiness, to which I say, my favourite thing related to Zootopia up to now, and I fucking adore the stubble-ish styles of your drawings, love the prompts, the sketches and all, and now? Currently looking forward to "Nick shits for days" C'mon iji you could've come up with a better title) Dope shit, Iji, dope shit. (The NSFW blog as well. Am I a furry? Uh, no? I mean that depends on how you define a furry, if being obsessed with Zootopia turns you into a furry instantly, I guess that's a yes? Fursuit? Fuck no, I'm not into that stuff. Hell, I even think cosplay is some fad and shit and I generally loathe it. Well if I HAD to cosplay as someone, I guess my go-to would be dressing up as Sufjan Stevens. Do I have (or want) a Zootopia persona (or zoosona. Nah, I'm an adamant follower of r/HFY, believing humans were the best thing before sliced bread. sighs I know. I'm weird. Dunno. Maybe I should start my own tumblr. Looks like every shitpost has its end. Got any questions? Ask me anything. Call me Rick, or "Zootopia Breakdown Guy" or "Rick Shits for Days" since this literally took me days to finish, from a single draft to this shitpost you see today. I don't know, get me on r/bestof if you want to, screenshot, post, and reblog me on Tumblr if you feel like it, give me gold or whatnot, because honestly, I couldn't give a single fuck anymore. I gave too many fucks during the early stages of my life, sigh. I DESPERATELY NEED A THE WHITE STRIPES AU.

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Ill recap what i do remember. I remember driving back from a concert in san francisco and passing out at the wheel probably 30 times to the sound of almost running off the road. I remember doing acid with my friends a few times and attempting to bring back some of the old. I remember an amazing night when i had managed to sober up just enough that i could actually function taking MDMA with some friends and deciding to get tattoos that i love, and watching the square and crying as we watched it. I remember having a fake marriage to my 2 best friends while the other was off getting high alone. I remember burning american flags on the beach on 4th of july. I remember hiding in a lot of bathrooms to get high. I remember stealing from my parents, and selling what i stole. I remember stealing my grandma's pills. I remember the faces of all my friends who couldnt stop if they wanted to and the desperation in people's voices as they asked me to drop off some more or drive out to them when you were withdrawing and couldnt get to me. I dont remember ever feeling an emotion as i did these things. This life i lived is one i wish on noone, i no longer knew what i was doing i just did. My life was consumed by drugs. I think the only time i ever felt anywhere near all right was at punk shows and house concerts when i could just get drunk and feel alright with myself. Cause just about any other point i was so fucked up by the end of the night by such a mad concoction of drugs people worried for my life. My life was a mess. My friends were mainly just people id use with at this point. One day i was at a house with a girl who i had a somewhat romantic relationship with she was one of the most beautiful women i have ever met. We were at her parents house getting high in her room. She only smoked so i was smoking with her for several hours. I went into her bathroom at one point and did a shot of xanax i dont remember how much but enough to instantly blackout. I dont remember what happened but apparently i stole all the adderall she was getting prescribed while she was asleep. I then proceeded to go steal a piece of jewelry from her parents worth about 3, 000. I know i actually stole this because apparently i went to the pawn shop and went and sold the jewelry to them. Before i ever even found out about this i got kicked out of my house. I had no where solid left to live in that town any longer so i contacted a friend who lived about 8 hours north of me and asked if i could head up there and stay with him for a while. He was stoked to have me and i thought i would actually be able to sober up when i got there. I had about 300 mg of xanax left my idea was to use the xanax to wean myself down and to stave off heroin withdrawal. I went up there with about 800 in my pocket and thought hell i don't know anyone up there i can't get high if i can't get it. So i left my old life behind i quit the job i was working at and took off ( oh ya i never mentioned i was working at a high end restaurant at this point but was not doing well with how fucked up i was. I woke up in withdraws that morning did a shot of just a few mg of xanax much less than i was use to and started my drive. It was a miserable drive what should of taken about 8 hours took me atleast 10 cause i had to stop several times to be sick. I pulled into town probably about 8pm and needed to get high like right now. Right as i pulled into town what do you know a drug addicts heaven a 24 hour mcdonalds. Pulled in and there were 2 people out from who were obviously drug addicts. I was high in under 10 minutes of entering town. I found heroin so fast it made my head spin and i was off on another run. Well needless to say i didn't do great up there i ended up buying more xanax and selling it to the local drug addicts. It was a party town as well and my friend was in college so i pretty much just partied every god damn night i was there. The only job i ever got was trimming weed while i was up there. Good money but i would just smoke it all up. Quickly my addiction got right back to the point of there is never enough to make myself feel alright. I was suffering from pretty severe depression and was shooting up large sums of heroin and xanax to make myself feel better. I started to have to steal to get my fix. I was stealing from people i loved again. The close friends i had made while there were my tools to get high once again. Its pretty fucked up when you still love someone you still think them a friend and want the best for them but as soon as the mental obsession of addiction kicks in you you care little for their well being. Then after you steal from them and screw them over you fall into self pity and remorse and perpetuate your own addiction. It feeds itself and makes itself worse and stronger. Well after several months of living making friends stealing from them buying drugs maybe sharing if it was lsd of ecstasy and partying i was kicked out yet again. So i packed up and moved back to my little town. On my way back my family told me the only way they would help me was to send me detox and then sober living. I fought it at first they had an intervention with me i listened to about one person talk to me and told them to go and fuck themselves as i walked out. Well i broke down and went to detox. Of course i had to get high first so i stole some jewelry from my grandma and bought a 3 pack of heroin and did the last of the xanax i had left (about 20mg) got fucked up as hell and went in. the withdraws i had were fucking terrible shaking and vomiting. Coming off of benzos is really not a fun thing. So for a week i was in detox pretty much just chain smoking (dont smoke. When i got out i went home for christmas then entered into a sober living. So for anyone trying to get clean sober living is a joke i pissed clean to get in and thought “man i just need to get a job and to have some responsibility” well i got a job and then a second job in about a week i was working construction during the day and as a cook at nights. I did start going to meetings though i was going to the NA meeting in my area. I could relate to the stories and could relate to not wanting to use. I could even share fairly well and played off that i was doing the work pretty damn well. However i quickly found the guy in the house getting high and joined him before long we were both using the bathroom back to back to get loaded. We would sneak out at night and go pick up a sack. I took a dirty 30 day chip while i was there and i faked 2 drug tests back to back with a whizzinator. But one day as i came back from work they asked to drug test and i didnt have it on so i got kicked out and quickly the person i was using with. So there i was back on the streets i was living out of my car i still had work so i would go to work and sell drugs to stay high. I moved back in with a friend who i used to live with earlier on he had got his own house by now. He was still dating that stupid bitch of a girlfriend that i still need to make amends to. I was using still maybe not as much as before but still to much and every day without fail. He had a girl who moved in with him because she was family to one of my other best friends. When she was moving her stuff in she came in and looked at me loaded on the couch and asked if i would help her move some stuff in and she would pay me in heroin. I mean who can pass up that deal right (most people. Within a few weeks before i ended up stealing a check from his cousin and cashing it for drugs. My best friends all told me they no longer wanted to talk to me and to just stay the fuck out of there life so i went on a fucking binge. I was able to hold this up for a short while but i soon found myself stealing from the restaurant i was working at. I got fired from my job in construction and right after at my job cooking. I took my cash and went to go pick up a sack. When i was waiting on my dealer i was sitting inside a starbucks. The cops walked into just to buy a coffee and when they looked over and saw me the immediately recognized me i guess i had a warrant out for my arrest for stealing the jewelry from my friends parents. When they searched me they found several needles some suboxone and some xanax. So here comes my first stay in jail. I was charged with grand theft for theft of an item over 950 and they had solid proof cause i had sold it at the pawn shop like a fucking idiot. I got 60 days with half in jail. So after 30 days i was turned out with no desire to stop i re- entered into sober living and used the whole time i was shooting people up who didnt want to do it themselves. I started stealing from my family again and was quickly kicked out of there. I was back living in my car. I started to steal out of cars to get funds for my addiction. I would only steal from cars that left their doors unlocked but i would still walk away with a few hundred dollars a night which would all go into my arm and into my mouth in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Soon i got arrested again and i spent about 2 weeks in jail for attempting to break into the car i got charged with a probation violation. Lets try this sober living thing one more time right maybe for the 3rd time it will work (insanity. I entered sober living and a outpatient treatment facility. The night i got out i got high. I had found a gram or so of heroin and a needle that was still loaded in my car that i had lost at some point. I passed the drug test to get into sober living and was high literally 10 minutes later. I was attending meetings and going to outpatient treatment and everywhere i went people thought i had a grip on things they thought i was doing very well in my recovery. I lied about my location just about every time i went out of sober living i was late every night when i came home. I soon moved sober livings to a sober living with a much better reputation. I got clean before i got into the sober living. So i passed the drug test to get in and started using again immediately. It was slowly getting harder and harder to just get out of bed in the morning. I was so completely depressed i wanted to die by this point i hated everyone and everything i just wanted to get high and sleep. If i was awake i was miserable. Well i lasted about 3 weeks faking drug tests before i got caught. At this point my grandma took me in she thought she could keep me sober i guess witch was a fucking joke. I was ordering xanax, DMT, LSD, and Fentanyl to her house. I used constantly while she tried to keep an eye on me. I found a job and quickly got fired for no real reason though probably because i was high at work. Than i got a job that i loved one of my favorite jobs i've ever had. I was living with my grandma and this gay guy who was also trying to be controlling of me ( i say gay just as a reference i actually liked him alot. They tried to control my money and where i went, of course i just turned back to my extremely manipulative ways. They were ok with me drinking and smoking weed so i just got fucked up every night and did fentanyl so if they decided to drug test i would be clean. Well i ended up getting arrested at one point for stealing from a tip jar and got a petty theft and was help over the weekend. I didnt work that weekend so i was right back to work. My grandma thought i was doing well at this point i don't know how. I yelled at her and her roommate just about every fucking day. Yet still they got me my medical card they opened the door to me and i managed to not steal from them i had finally gotten over that habit of stealing from my family at least right. Small progress in the light of where i was headed. My grandma made me go see a therapist while i was staying and i was using maybe not extremely heavily but was still using. He told me he knew i would do well because the way i talked about addiction and recovery were the ways only someone doing recovery could talk about it. However i had never worked a step in my life. He did however talk to my grandpa and get him back in my life and i will forever be grateful to that therapist for doing that for me. I guess it goes to show how good addicts of any kind can act if it means helping the addiction. My grandma was supposed to leave for several month and she wanted me to rent one of the rooms with her roommate while she was gone. That plan was going all right till one night when her roommate decided to try and argue about how much i would pay for rent when i was coming home from work and fairly drunk. I ended up yelling at him and shoving him out of my way trying to get to bed. My grandma came out because of the screaming and i was fucking done with it. About 2 days later i moved out and moved in with some friends who lived on the other end of town. It was a party house where they through shows and there was constantly a bunch of people over. I lived with my friend who was the first person to ever give me heroin which i was ok with he was one of the nicest people i knew. I was sleeping on a couch and there were 2 others sleeping in the living room with me also there were 4 others living in the house. I quickly went right back to large quantities of heroin and started to drink daily. Every day when i got off work i would grab a 64 ounce beer from the tap and drink it before i clocked out. Then i would stop on the way home and steal some grey goose and a few 12 packs of beer. Everyone in the house drank so it was just easier to drink than do anything else. I don't really know how i felt while living there i was constantly exhausted and fucked up. I really just remember feeling emotionless. I use to sit in my car out front and shoot up before coming inside or wait for a sack with my friend. Although i did enjoy some aspects of life, my grandpa and i were seeing each other and flying drones together again and we were both getting good at it. He knew i wasnt doing well but he loved me and as long as i wasnt super fucked up around him he was willing to spend that time with me. I always looked forward to those moments. But even the best of times is not good enough motivation to keep you sober. The friend i was living with found a girlfriend who was only 16 and she was a very nice girl however it was definitely weird. But i guess they were both just feeding off each other she was using him to get high he was using her for emotional support. Anyways i use to get him heroin all the time and i knew she was getting high too. Back at the house things were the same an endless stream of alcohol and people. Work was the same i had started to go over to my bosses house with a co-worker of ours and drink beer and play Magic the Gathering for hours on end. Around the end of november the house i was living changed drastically. My friend got kicked out the other person living in the living room moved out, and one of the rooms opened up. So i started renting that room. This was probably one of the more depressing times in my life. I had found some new dealers who were getting straight from the border so i started to deal again but a lot more efficiently than before. I was picking up about a ounce a day of witch i was using around 3 grams a day of. My xanax use was back to being out of control blacking out being the usual case. I thought i was functioning fine because somehow fucked up me thrives in kitchens. I will do a night with 200 people without a mistake so if i can still function how could i possible have a problem. Also i can still drive fairly good. Of course their was also that time i stole that car when blacked out and drove it around for several days picking up sacks and eating xanax like candy. I had gotten so fucked up that night i had broken my arm and didnt realize it for 2 days till i came to my senses a little and realized i couldnt move it. My drug use started to get so bad i was having a hard time functioning so i started to use cocaine to keep myself awake. Not that it was much against heroin but i could do a shot of it and it would keep me awake long enough to go drop off my next sack. I guess at some point in here my friends girlfriend almost overdosed and had to go to the hospital. I could reason with myself that i had not given her the drugs and that she was alright now. I also just really didnt care because i was so fucked up all the time. Well my boss started to notice how often i was “using the restroom” and knew exactly what that meant. He told me i needed to get some help and get sober or he was going to fire me. My friend ended up getting arrested for warrants i guess he had out for him for a while for probation violations. So he was out of the picture i was on my last string at work and i was living in a room alone. I woke up every morning in withdraw shitting myself and throwing up. I use to have to mix my morning shot on the toilet as my guts were spilling out of me from both ends but as soon as i did that shot i was fine. There were several times i was driving to my deals house throwing up out my door as i was driving. Mixing up a shot while i'm vomiting looking up for half a second just to register because i couldnt stop throwing up. My cocaine use was getting up there to i was barely making enough sales to support my own addiction and i ended up going and stealing from cars to pay my rent and buy some booze for parties. Well this went on for a while and i started to look into rehabs in my area. I had a friend of mine send me a list of rehabs and found 2 or 3 i thought sounded good and was going to go at the beginning of next month down to one. It was the end of January and i was asleep in bed at about 4. 30 in the morning when i get a call for my friends girlfriend crying begging me to come get her well she was in withdraws she told me she would give me 10 bucks and a couple valium. I really didnt want to go i had just picked up another sack and had already eaten like a 25mg mix of xanax and klonopin. But i got my ass out of bed and drove over there i pulled out the new batch that i had got that day and hadnt broken into yet. I gave her about a. 1 and did a. 5 for myself. I mixed a little bit of coke in with mine so i would be able to drive back home. The next thing i remember is being woken up by the cops with a needle still in my arm. She was overdosing in my passenger seat and didnt respond as i screamed her name. I was hardly coherent. They told me she was alive and that i was fucked then took me to jail. I was in the holding cell from 6 in the morning till 6 at night. I remember none of it i was nodded out the whole time i was fucked up as hell in my intake picture. I told them when i came in i was withdrawing from benzos. They got me to the doctors that night. And when i told them how much benzos i was taking on a daily bases they didnt believe me i weighed about 135 pounds and am 6” tall. They thought i was fucking with them but had no choice but to put me on a taper down system. So for 4 weeks they tapered me off benzos with klonopin starting at 2 mg 3 times a day. Even that i didnt feel whatsoever. I threw up every meal they fed me for the first week i was in there till finally i could eat again. I spent 11 months in jail and my court case went on for 7 months before we came to a deal. While i was in there i managed to sober up and actually enjoy myself. I was having money put on my books i could have bought drugs if i had wanted them but i had no desire. While in there i met a pastor called john and although i wasnt fully on board with the whole christian thing and i dont know if i ever will be i did start praying just to stop having dreams of using. And slowly they past. I made some very good friends while i was in there, and got really good at handball When finally my court case was over i was sentenced to 2 years with half in county and a 1 year residential drug treatment. While i was in there i got reconnected with my old day care providers from when i was a kid. It had been years since i had seen them. And they did amazing things for me they helped me in ways they will never know. They gave me a place to live when i got out. And when i got out i did move in for a short while before i got to rehab. I spent a month waiting to get into rehab and in that month i started to go to church it didnt really speak to me that much but it was a good community i was apart of and i appreciated that. I had good times with my family. And something happened i thought was a lost hope, my friends came back. The girl i loved had found a new boyfriend and was no longer using while her ex was still out there using. My hard working mexican friend was back to just drinking a lot and the new boyfriend ended up being a really great guy. I contacted her when i got out and she came over and met me. We had an amazing night and the next night i met her boyfriend and we went and saw a movie together. The next day we went to a concert and my other friend rode with us it was weird at first because he still didnt want to talk to me but quickly all of us were right back to our old selves. I felt that friendship we had lost through drugs come back right away and although it may not have being perfect it was a true comfort. Than i met my girlfriend, of all places on OK cupid. I had no intention of meeting a girlfriend but as i said earlier in this story sometimes you can't control how you feel about someone. We went on our first date and i knew i loved her pretty much right away. We were only together a couple days though before i had to leave to rehab. So recovery is weird and amazing and fun. I act more ridiculous and have more fun now than i ever did getting high. When i got to rehab i put on my happy face and was just ready to act it out, that's not what happened. When i got here i couldnt tell my elbow from my asshole but i could tell a dime from a 20 sack. I was good at acting though really good at it. I was “happy” all the time i was loud and made a lot of jokes at the expense of others and somehow fell right into the crowd here that was actually doing a lot of work in their recovery. The program i'm at told me to get a sponsor so i got a sponsor a few days after i got here. Before i did them i thought the steps were pointless i truly thought self knowledge was the answer to my problems. I just assumed if i understood my problem i could see what was causing it and stay away from it. But alcohol and drugs are so cunning baffling and powerful i don't think anyone fully understands it. So i read the first 60 pages of Alcoholics Anonymous and started on my steps. I didnt understand what i was doing while i did them like at all. However i did them to the best of my ability i didnt have a whole lot else to do. I did my 4th step and hed about 140 people on my resentments sheet, well i soon realized why we did the resentments and it has nothing to do with what people have done to you, it takes a whole knew perspective on things and does not allow for you to twist it to make you look good. You own your part now no more hiding it'd be fucking scary if i knew what i was doing when i started it but i will say that was the most worthwhile thing i've ever done in my life. I had made a lot of friends in here and the things that have happened to us is far stranger than what happened to me in normal life. That is probably because we can act ridiculous and be ourselves because we dont have anything to hide. We had rooms with 5 people in them and the bed next to me was owned by who is one of the better friends i have ever know Adam (he requested on being named. I had many other friends but he was normally who i would go out with and who could act even stranger than i could. I remember one day we were walking down the street yelling at tweakers and this chick walked to up and straight looked at us and asked him if he wanted to go with her. She was obviously high on something like LSD or mushrooms. I mean she was a cute little latina chick with glasses and her butt hanging out of her shorts what else would you do so needles to say he ditched me. I was signed out with him cause i was earlier in the program and need to sign out with someone to go out. Well somehow he got laid and we managed to make it back separately without getting noticed. However he got put on a relationship contract because he was seen with her and you are not supposed to be in a relationship. Well my relationship is still going and from the day i got here i started to write her letters every night and after 30 days when i could use the phone i started to call her as well. This was a seriously hard relationship but somehow we have made it work. She told me from the start how much she respected my recovery and has not stepped that boundary the whole time. But i will say that i have seen in this program a lot of good people go out because something happened between them and their lady. I was lucky to have her though she has kept my head focused plenty of times when i would have otherwise drifted off. I truly believe whatever is out there put us together at this point on purpose. So i did my step work my sponsor took me through them really fast. I did my fifth step which i really didnt realize how much that would do for me but i actually felt a lot of relief from doing it. 6 and 7 was a few days later my sponsor said that's were he felt the release but i felt mine around 9. On 9 it seemed mechanical at first like i was just printing out amends in a very robotic way. But as i started to get responses to them they started to mean more and more to me. Obviously i have fucked over a lot of people throughout my addiction. It was incredibly strange to get responses to amends from people i just assumed would never get a response from or who would tell me to fuck off and have them be super positive. A Lot of people owned their end of it. However i also have friends i thought would forgive me who told me not to ever contact them again. Tell you what though even those amends felt good because it was never about the response it was that i need to see how i act, how i react, how selfish i've being, and how i have always held contempt before investigation on everything in my life. Nothing can hold us back in this program more than a attitude of intolerance or indifference. "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation. HERBERT SPENCER Well soon enough i found myself actually enjoying life, it was no longer a show and i no longer had to live the incredibly tiring life of acting it out. Now i should make something clear this in no way means i am a model citizen i still love to act like an idiot. But not looking over your shoulder for the cops cause you know you aren't breaking any laws definitely helps. And being happy doesnt mean i'm always in a super good mood, everyone who knows me knows to not talk to me in the morning until i've had a cup of coffee in my system and really probably not before like 10-11 am i going to actually seem human. However people who have known me for awhile also know i'm nothing like what i use to be in a good way. The 10th and 11th step changed a lot about the way i act in situations. I was never someone who would have told you i was wrong while someone is screaming in my face or thank you for doing your job as you hand me piece of paper saying i am in trouble and just own that i fucked up. Although i'm not perfect and i still get caught in it from time to time, i was never someone who would have just walked about while people were gossiping about someone else. Today i don't care the only inventory i can take is my own i can be there for you to vent to and take your own inventory out loud but it's not my job to make assumptions. As for the 11th step i've meditated through most of my life but to make it a practice to do first thing when i wake up in the morning as really changed a lot about myself. To when i'm in a stressful situation give it up realize i have no control over who you are or how you act and just pray for the strength to take the next right step in life. There is also the matter of doing a nightly inventory which is usually about the last thing when i am dead tired crawling into bed but for some reason it keeps me in the moment and i notice when i dont do it. Essentially i have no clue how the steps work other than allow you to see you for who you really are and invite the growth you need. And to keep you realizing that the growth is never done. It is a life time of spiritual growth. Well i have made a lot of friends in rehab and i got through the steps in about 60 days. So now i'm stuck on 12 cause i cant sponsor anyone for the year i am in rehab. This may be a good thing though cause until recently i really dont know if i was ready. However while here Adam and i took over a big book study about 3 months in. i am fairly well spoken when it comes to public speaking, so why not. I would be lying if i said it went off without a hitch. However we quickly saw more of our character defects and how we hold/portray ourselves. It gave us the perfect opportunity to grow in that way and we did quite quickly. I have a far better knowledge of the big book now than i ever imagined i would in my life. I get what they say now when a sponsor tells you he learns more from you and you help him (or her) more than they help you. In that book study i have no idea how much i've helped people but i know being responsible for that has pushed me to study, find history behind things find out about bill wilson's crazy past and push farther down that rabbit hole endlessly. And more than anything i get excited doing it, it is about the farthest thing from work i can imagine. This program has done more for me though than just step work. Although step work is the most important thing that has happened while i've being here. They have given me a safe place to work on myself in so many different aspects. They make you take different kinds of classes while you are here, codependency class was probably my favorite one, pretty much we got to learn how to deal with crazy ass people. And at the end of the class we had a beautiful display from one of the crazy residents here who was in class with us. He some how managed to display every sort of thing that we had talked about as crazy people in a matter of 10 minutes. I think everyone got super uncomfortable but i fucking loved it and thought it was about the funniest thing ever. But that class just solidified things i had already being learning about this complex crazy thing we call human interaction. There are millions of different personality types in the world and i have had to learn to just accept them for what they are and do my best to not get resentful at someone just because they are sick mentally or spiritually in some way or another i'm no better i'm sick in my very own way. This program has really taught me a lot about accepting the world, my whole life i have upset at the state of the world constantly thinking what can i do about it. I have learned the only thing i can do is to live the way i want the world to be and hope it rubs off on a person or two. Show love where there is no love and show hope for the future when things seem so bleak cause the only thing we can do is look for the next right step. I like to think of life like rock climbing when you are on a sheer cliff surface you cant always see the whole picture you can only look for the next grip to pull you up. Now i dont always take the next right step sometimes i slip. Like when i was going on a home pass. I told the rehab i was going to my family's house when instead i was actually going to San Fransisco to go spend the weekend with my girlfriend. Honestly it was one of the most amazing weekends of my life when i was in it. I have never had a sober vacation like that before. It was great in the moment because i am good at enjoying the moment now, however coming home was different. The second i walked in the door i was overwhelmed by a sense of shame. The next day i had to tell on myself, this program gives a lot of slack they just ask you dont lie when directly asked something. I couldnt lie and that is about the weirdest thing ever to me, my whole life has being me lying to every person around me my family, friends, co-workers if you were around me i lied. Today i feel so much shame in lying because i have finally experienced the feeling of not having anything to hide. I'd rather tell the truth and suffer some level of consequence than live with the feeling of hiding my whole life. I still deal with lots of things here there are people here who bug the living hell out of me. I am one of the dinner cooks here we feed 45 guys in the house and about 120 homeless a night. The cooking actually is fun the hard part is having the kitchen manager over my shoulder all the time stressing out. Or the guy who when you tell him something annoys you he continues to push that button endlessly. Or the guy who insists he is right on every subject even when he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about. There is also seperation from my girlfriend that is not easy it's hard to rarely ever get to see her not that i dont ever get to see her but it's like a weekend out of a month. Why she stays with me i have no clue. There is obviously a desire to work but where i am at i have about a month and a half till i can get a job. I guess what this program has done for me is learn to accept things the way they are. To realize its not my job to fix things in the world no matter how much i would like to. Also to see that i can only change my actions and responses to things, to ask what can i bring to the situation not say it's their fault or job. Recovery has taught me to ask for help, to daily check and see if i'm holding anything back, and to ask for help when i need it. I can do my best with recovery.

Punk: attitude movie streaming. Punk: Attitude Movie. Punk: Attitude Movie stream new. The results are in for Match 11. The winner is… Flint Howlett, with a score of 85 to Tunde Ó Santoss 61! Category Winner Point Totals Comments Popularity Flint Howlett 25 -15 Despite taking an early lead and keeping it close for most of the match, Tunde was passed by Flint, who was able to hold onto his lead 7-4. Quality Flint Howlett 30 -23 Reasoning JoJolity Flint Howlett 30 -23 Reasoning Although we gave a full result drop and epilogue for Matches 10 and 11 a few days ago, were reposting the results here for posterity. Things may have gotten a little strange with our schedule, but at the time of posting, there are a few hours left of voting for a match that is XPLICITly one of the craziest the tournament has ever seen. Scenario - Somewhere in California: After their gauntlet in Brazil, Gioia Arancini and Nico Wolfram had resolved to keep in touch as each of them found leads on what Pão de Queijo had told them about the Black Beetles and XPLICIT. Gioia had relayed what Sofia had learned from Ronald Fogerty about the Black Beetles boss, but the biggest piece of information the two teams had shared since then came after Demis Roussos and Hadrian Moore had successfully raided the Black Beetles headquarters, encountering that very bosss Stand itself. In the vault, the two had found a dossier on the production of XPLICIT, revealing a connection between Wilkinsons use of consultants from Lyte, Ltd. and the first recorded appearances of the drug. All of this Gioia relayed to her team, all of whom shed become much closer to after these experiences, especially a fateful trip to a Washington, DC museum with Schioppo following a successful go-kart race. It seemed Ric Hawks was somewhat less thrilled by his time with the team, given his determined efforts to look into things on his own, barely consulting with his teammates. To him, the way to get information on Lyte was through their financials, particularly their increasingly shifty CFO. Stefan Pilatti, the one Ric could never quite shake since theyd failed to stop a jailbreak in San Diego, had a simpler idea one day on the bus, born largely out of exasperation: “Why dont we just shoot ‘em? ” ‘Corazon rolled her eyes at this, thinking over everything theyd learned, still maybe a bit jittery from her experience in New Mexico and feeling ever so slightly guilty over how far shed gone against Buggy Baxter, what with Connors report back from the casino. “Too many loose ends, and we dont want anyone innocent caught up in the crossfire. ” “Yeah, but theres so much to go over, ” Schioppo added. “How are we going to actually get through tracking everything down, especially with Clyde busy with his new hunting business? ” The heretofore silent bus driver was thinking. Noriko Yabuuchi, sugar and ice to Kris and all ice, no fire to Schioppo, was warming up to both, though she wouldnt admit it, and to the rest of the tea. To even her own surprise, she wanted to help. And she resolved to do so, the best way she knew how, using her own unique skillset. “Okay, gang, lets split up and search for clues. ” The Civil Disobedients sat around their bar, the atmosphere of a tense quality. Spirits had certainly been higher in the groups time together, but things werent terribly dreary at the moment, Lyra thought quietly to herself, stirring a frosty glass of grape juice. Even though Prince Johnnys last excursion hadnt ended well by any stretch of the imagination: the Civil Disobedients hadnt heard hide nor hair of him since, they had no idea where he might have been, but Lyra simply hoped he was safe. Fighter Jet was his usual sunny self, trying to keep spirits up by cracking jokes and recounting their better times, but Kaito wasnt having any of it, sullen as he stared into an empty glass, contemplating his team, himself. Then Fighter Jet said something—Kaito didnt quite remember what—but he snapped back. “Maybe wed have more people after Tags right now if people hadnt been dicking around during the first round! ” He shot a withering glare at Lyra, who shrunk back on her stool, looking off to the side. “Im sorry— about me and Djimon, I really could have done better, I, ah… um…” Kaito continued to lambast her, squeezing his glass tighter, his knuckles turning white. “Maybe we shouldve just sent you out alone, Lyra, then maybe we wouldve seen better results fro—“ Down the bar, Baroness smashed down an empty mug, shards of glass dancing on the bar for a brief moment, before they fell dead on the countertop, the floor, even on Baroness. “KAITO. ” She snapped, face red with anger. “Shut the fuck up, okay? If youre such hot shit, then wheres all the Tags youve collected recently, huh? —Whats that? You dont have any? Whys that unsurprising to me? ” The silence that befell the group was deafening. His face hot with embarrassment, Kaito simply rose from his seat and walked towards the door, leaving the rest of his team behind. Unbeknownst to the rest of his team, Kaitos face was contorted into a grimace. Every footfall seemed to take forever, despite his quick pace. Was the door always this far away? Even Fighter Jet had quieted, watching the door shut after him. “Ah… um, Baroness…” Lyra begun, fidgeting with her fingers. “I appreciate you standing up for me, but some of that stuff went a bit too far, dont you think? It was uncalled for…” Baroness brushed the few shards of glass off of her pants, a twinge of regret filling her as she cleared her throat, now dry. Another report successfully filed, finances adjusted, errors corrected, everything under his control as perfect as it could be, as there was little satisfaction as good as a job well done at the end of the day, no matter the nature of the work he was getting done. Click, click, click… The man finished what tea was left in his mug, idly clicking his treasured pen, before he tucked it away in the breast pocket of his suit, rising from his executive style chair, high backed and comfortable. He stretched for a moment, before he grabbed his briefcase, striding to the break room to clean and put away the mug. There was something sterile about the environment. Something falsely homey. After he dried out the mug, he set it back into the cupboard, and rubbed his eyes from underneath his glasses. The room wasnt creepy or unnerving, but after a week, it came to be a bit much for the mans more subdued tastes. He made his way through the main working floor, something of a maze of frosted glass and cubicles filled with personal objects. He kept a firm grip on the handle of his briefcase, the occasional employee in the hall seemed to shrink and scurry away, as if to not incur his ire—not that he had much to give at the moment. He did, however, spot a figure dozing at one of the cubicles, black roots beginning to set back into his dyed blonde hair, and his hawaiian shirt slightly crumpled. He supposed it was casual Friday. With a sigh that was… sympathetic? He walks over, giving a sharp knock on the wall of the cubicle to get his attention. The young man instantly starts awake, wheeling around in his chair, face gaunt with embarrassment. “Muh— Muh— Mister Alcove! Im sorry, I! Uh— I was—“ Maui Jim stuttered through some vague explanations, quickly snatching two empty Red Bull cans and crumpling them up, throwing them into the trash can beneath his desk. Tom simply stood there, letting him finish whatever he was attempting to say. A glance at his monitor showed that he was on track, even with his noticeably heavy workload. “I intend to go home now, Maui Jim, ” he said calmly once the young man had finished stammering, cheeks bright red. “How much longer do you have? ” “M-Me? I was— Uh I was gonna stay and, Im super behind, and, uh…” “Hm. Carry on, then. Youve got quite a bit of important work to do, and I dont mean to interrupt. But do clean up your workspace. ” Tom left it at that, turning to walk towards the elevator as Maui stammered his belated apology, hastily clearing up his supplies as the CFO stepped into the elevator, thankfully empty, heading down to the ground floor where he would be able to leave. “Thanks, Ric, thanks, Corazon…” Murmured Noriko as she taped a small copy of a map onto her dashboard, marked with pen and highlighter to indicate the most probable path their wanted man would take. She could practically hear the voices of her teammates: ”We went through what we could find out about his schedule, he always stops at this grocery store after he leaves work on Fridays. No idea why, but he does. ” “Uh, ” Corazon had interjected. “Maybe just maybe because hes a normal person who wants to stock up on some essentials before the weekend, duh. ” ”... was I thinking. Fuck. ” Kaito walked down the sidewalk, away from the bar he had been inside mere moments before. Did he even actually like any of them? Why did he bother to stick around? He gave a pebble a forceful kick, and watched it skitter across the sidewalk and into a row of bushes. Baroness was nothing but a bossy know-it-all. He could hardly stand her and her holier-than-thou attitude. And Djimon. Why had they let a child into the Civil Disobedients, again? Maybe the whole group wouldve been more success if Lyra wasnt always so out to lunch. Prince Johnny was a horny creep, and probably a liar, and Fighter Jet… He… Couldnt think of anything bad about Fighter Jet… Norikos bus was empty, an unusual occurrence, and Noriko was largely left alone with her thoughts. Union Jack sticker. Navy car with Union Jack sticker. Looking for the Navy Car with a Union Jack sticker. That was him… she had to find him… She was one intersection away from the grocery store, and she rolled to a stop as the traffic lights overhead turned red. She reached to turn on the fan at the front of the bus, basking in the gusts of cool air. This wouldnt be so hard. Shed track him down and ask some questions, right? Knock, knock, knock Kaito rapped his knuckles on the bus doors glass pane, his posture shrunken, shoulders drawn inward, head tilted down. Noriko, operating on muscle memory, flicked the lever to open the door at the sound. Her eyes shot open, and she turned, staring face to face with Kaito. She hadnt meant to open the door! Kaitos eyes widened. He recognized this girl… she was the one he fought in Venice! He stammered, backing up a bit. “Oh, its you, I, um…” Her eyes narrowed. She recognized him as well. But Kaito could tell from the look on her face, the way she surveyed her surroundings… there was a look of ‘Intent on her face. She was here for a reason. Out of the corner of her eye, Noriko caught sight of a dark-coloured car pulling out of the parking lot. She turned to confirm, and as she made out the Union Jack sticker on the window, she turned back to Kaito, her expression one of stern urgency. “Get on. ” Kaito, still somewhat hesitant, nonetheless complied, boarding the bus and hopping in the seat. The door quickly shut behind him, and the overhead light flicked to green as Noriko peeled off after her target. The end of the work week had finally arrived, many an office worker rejoicing their two days of freedom, quickly punching out and scurrying home. For one man in particular, the weekend was a time of great joy, as it meant for two precious days he was able to see his teenage son, Timothy. The man had settled into a routine he thought was just right; leave work, pick up groceries for the weekend, visit his ex-wifes house to pick up Tim, then make his way home for dinner (catching up on the details of his sons week he had missed between phone calls) eventually followed by a movie with popcorn. For Thomas Alcove, this was (mostly) perfect. He was on his way to pick up Tim at this very moment, groceries nestled snugly in the backseat, everything hed need for a weekend. A dozen eggs, 2% milk, rye bread, green onions, the bags of candy in their bold packaging that Tim had found a distinct fondness for, Earl Gray, Chamomile… the list could go on. The bags rustled quietly as Tom turned a corner, his vehicle roomy, yet modest, painted a dark navy, a Union Jack sticker sitting proudly on the bottom corner of the rear window. There was the usual rush hour traffic that he sat through with a level head, beginning to clear the further from downtown he drove, save for a bus that seemed to follow him. He shifted his gaze from the rearview mirror and back to the road, adjusting his glasses. The notion that he was being tailed was nonsense. Or so he thought. Kaito rested against the back of the bus seat, hardly the most comfortable, but eons better than being out, alone with his thoughts. “Whats your name? ” Noriko asked from the front, looking back at Kaito through the bus rear view window with a quizzical glance, her expression having softened somewhat. “Im Kaito. Yuigahama Kaito. ” Norikos expression brightened, and she slipped back into her mother tongue. “どの県で育ちましたか? ” She asked, looking eagerly back through the mirror. Kaito, however, blinked, leaning forward and cupping a hand to his ear. “どの県で育ちましたか? ” She repeated, her smile weakening somewhat. “Is that, uh… I dont speak Japanese, I moved away before I had a chance to learn anything…” he responded meekly, feeling somewhat awkward for having crushed her visible enthusiasm. Noriko frowned in deep displeasure. She went out of her way to try and connect with somebody who shared her heritage, only to get nothing in return. He didnt even speak a word of Japanese? Pathetic. The bus fell back into silence. A silence Kaito was all too familiar with, a silence steeped and fermented in disappointment, tainted like a corked wine. He silently cursed to himself; how did he even mess basic conversation up? Norikos eyes focused on the road, and on their target ahead of them. Kaito focused forward as well, though his eyes darted between the road or Noriko. He wanted to try again… he didnt want things to be awkward. He rubbed the back of his neck, easing back into conversation. “So, err… What are we doing, anyway? I just kind of got on without explanation…” Noriko glanced over at Kaito, before quickly focusing back on the road. “Chasing the Navy car with the Union Jack… You can help me, we need information. ” Kaito nodded. This could be the opportunity he needed… he wasnt about to pass up a chance to prove himself. “Howre we going to do it? ” “We follow him, we corner him, we make him talk, ” Noriko said simply, eyes still on the road. “Yeah, sure, alright, ” Kaito said, slumping back in his seat. The ride was silent for a while once more, and this time it was Noriko who chose to break it. “Why were you out? ” Kaito sighed and gritted his teeth before speaking. “My teams all a bunch of bullshit. We havent heard from Michelle or Djimon in months, Lyras a goddamn space cadet, and I dont even know if Prince Johnny s even fucking alive! ” Kaitos voice caught. “And Tom… Tom abandoned me. ” Noriko thought back to earlier in her investigation, the Fairy Fellers all crowding the bus, chattering and joking. It could be annoying sometimes, but… With Connor currently checking on his family and Ric always checking out of team conversation, shed already started to feel a hole on the bus. Hearing about Kaitos situation, with half the team completely missing in action, especially the man whod been with him in Venice… “Im sorry about him, ” Noriko said. “You were a real pain to fight in Venice. ” “Yeah… Sorry about that. ” Kaito recognized a compliment when he heard it, and grinned up at his former opponent and newfound ally. “Lets kick this rich guys butt. Wait, uh… whats his name again? ” “Alcove, ” Noriko replied. “Tom Alcove. ” Kaito blinked, and his grin widened. This was about to be cathartic. Up a hill that led to a scenic cliffside view, the bus pulled over into the lane beside him, accelerating slowly, as if trying to catch up with him. Tom narrowed his eyes, letting his foot off the gas to let the bus pass, but much to his horror, it didnt. There was a rumbling as amber liquid poured from the bus, coalescing beneath it, bubbling and burbling until— BWOOSH! The scent of whiskey filled the air as the fermented liquor exploded, launching the bus a great length and high above, As it soared over his own vehicle, plumes of bubbles streamed out of opened windows, deftly floating ahead and laying out into carpet on the road ahead of him. Indeed, the bus made a miraculously safe landing, skidding out slightly with the popping of bubbles and the hiss of hydraulics. Tom, meanwhile, slammed on his brakes, wheels screeching at the sudden deceleration. That was more than just horrid driving. That was intentional, the work of an enemy Stand user. Tom narrowed his eyes, trying to make out the driver as he gripped his steering wheel tightly. The bus was long enough to block off every single lane, rendering him unable to get around… to get to Tim. His anger was hidden behind tired eyes, and he stepped out of his car, the smell of whiskey filling his nostrils. He called loudly to the driver, who would easily be able to hear him. “What on Earth are you thinking? I have places to be! ” He opened his mouth to say more, but the bus doors swung open, and Noriko and Kaito stepped outside to confront him, the former holding a dossier that she read clearly from. “Thomas Alcove, CFO of Lyte LTD, ” she began, eyes flickering between the man and the file. “May I ask you some questions about XPLICIT? ” Toms brow furrowed, his fists curling slightly. This was hardly good. “No. ” He responded sharply, pulling his pen from his breast pocket and beginning to click it absentmindedly. “You may not. I dont have the time. ” “Well then. ” Kaito interjected, lowering his stance to one of more aggression. “Im sure we can make time, or, at the very least, make you talk. ” Noriko nodded in agreement, and Tom squared his shoulders, prepared for combat as he spun his pen through his fingers. He was off the clock: he had no interest in dealing with work issues. ”Unless you go quietly, itll be the last thing you brats will do. ” Location: A beach-side highway somewhere in California. The road is 10 meters wide with a dropoff to the shore to the south and a hill to the north, similar to the picture. The players and boss start 15 meters away from each other on the right side of the road facing each other. Both sides have their respective vehicles a meter behind them, however they cannot be driven at the time. The sea is 10 meters south of the road; there is a speed limit sign 7. 5 meters between the players and the boss on the north side of the road; and there are two overpass signs, one 15 meters behind both sides. There is a guard rail on the south side like the picture shows, the stakes are wooden and the bar is made of coated metal. The bus has normal bus driving equipment and maintenance gear: a spare tire, medical kit, fire extinguisher, and other essentials. Additionally, the bus happens to have fiberglass paneling on the sides and most of the back, in areas that buses would normally have it, although with effort it can be torn off. For some reason, the bus also has a coffin on board. Goal: RETIRE your opponents! Additional Information: Note for the players, that camping or running away too far will be detrimental given that you are giving the boss a chance to book it. Boss Information: Name: Thomas Alcove Age: 42 Gender: Male Species: Human Occupation: CFO of Lyte, Tom Alcove, Former Investor for Section 80. Personality: Tom, put bluntly, is quite the stick in the mud. The straightlaced square so involved in his work youre left wondering if he has any hobbies, any joys in life aside from a job well done, and giving subordinates the side eye when his teas not done quite right. He comes across as hard-to-impress, but above all, detached, keeping things and people alike at an arm's-length distance, with the sole exception of his son, Timothy. This detached, slightly bitter, slightly prickish attitude displayed by Tom is the perfect repellent for most of his co-workers, and he couldnt be happier, generally preferring solitude, or at the very least, not being pestered. Most of these negative traits are a built-up exterior to hide a rather polite, mild, and sensibly kind interior, hidden chiefly due to past experiences, and the desire to not be taken advantage of by more cruel players in the industry. When alone, or at his home, these crueller qualities are shed entirely. First and foremost, Tom is a father, there to guide, correct, and love. He has a matching sense of humour, often unable to stave off the urge to tell a groan-worthy joke to his son. He has hobbies like early morning jogs, and collecting limited edition coins. He finds great fun in browsing through truly atrocious cookbooks from a bygone era, playing old rock records, and arranging tea paraphernalia. Bio Physical Description: One look at Tom, and you can tell hes a busy man, work not a source of income, but a way of life. Hes light skinned, with prominent cheekbones, a rather sharp nose, lips that usually speak of his annoyance, and vibrant blue eyes that are shadowed by dark rings beneath them. His hair is dark brown, and styled upwards in a double helix, ending in points that are reminiscent of devil horns. Theres a thick gray streak that runs through his hair, other strands by his scalp slowly showing the same colour. Hes very tall, standing at 64, but also very lithe, with broad shoulders, and proper posture. There are thin, silvery glasses perched upon his nose, and he wears formal clothing in dark colours- blues, greys and blacks. His outfit usually consists of a dress shirt and a blue ascot beneath a crisply dry-cleaned waistcoat. He wears plain dress slacks, held up by blue suspenders, and matching his waistcoat. His shoes are dressy, without much beyond that. The real eyecatcher to his outfit is his jacket; a dark coloured throw-over with a collar and material resembling a suit jacket, although it is much longer, with coattails that reach his ankles. On the right sleeve is text that reads “SECTION 80”, and on either elbow are patches that resemble subtraction signs. The back of said jacket has quite some flair, a sliver chain on the small of its back, held in place by multiplication signs, The lapel and bottoms of the jacket are made of a polished metal. Art of Tom and his Stand by our own Judge Dimi. Equipment: Various keys on a small keyring, a smartphone, a wallet made of fine leather, containing cards, cash, coins, and small photos of him and Tim doing various activities together, his silver wristwatch, and a second blue ascot. USER STATS: Strength: 2 - Tom possesses average strength for a man of his size and age, nothing much of note here. Agility: 4 - Having an aversion to most sports, and finding activities such as weightlifting quite dull, whilst still wanting to remain active and healthy, Tom took up running over a decade ago, and it has paid dividends to this day. Endurance: 2 - Tom also possesses average endurance. Office Aerobics: 4 - Long limbs often come with visuals of manoeuvring around in a gangly, awkward, manner. Not so for Tom, however, whos litheness and agility allow him to make his way around the battlefield in unconventional ways with ease. Low gravity, underwater, or up in the air? Hes got it on lock. Penmanship: 2 - When working closely with a single pen for years and years, one truly comes to know its strengths; writing with a steady hand, where the laser pointer will fall, and how to write up a damn clean signature. STAND NAME: 「Money Trees」 Stand Type: Bound/Humanoid Stand Appearance: When in its pen form, 「Money Trees」 appears as a simple silver-black pen with three colors: red, blue, and black. When in its humanoid form, it looks like a small, black, limbless robot with a round, featureless head, save for some wide, flat bolts screwed into either side of its head, and a glowing white line that goes straight down the middle of its face, flanked by two circle eyes in the same colour, bisected vertically by a line. 「Money Trees」s head leads into a thin, sleek neck, and a triangular torso. From its shoulders protrude two small brick magnets, and from its shoulder sockets, two horseshoe magnets. It lacks arms, but has hands with disc magnets on the back. Theres also a disc magnet beneath 「Money Trees」 torso, a horseshoe magnet immediately beneath it, and two brick magnets on either side of the horseshoe magnet. It hovers in midair, a visible magnetic field pulsing from the different magnets on its body. 「Money Trees」 is also seen carrying or otherwise levitating a very large brick magnet with incredible ease. Stand Ability: Pen Form - The pen acts as a laser pointer; when Tom points it at a metal object, he can envelop it in a spherical, faintly glowing magnetic field, one side is red for N charge, the other blue for S charge. Additionally, he can set metals as ‘null, unable to be affected by 「Money Trees」s magnetism. If he draws a loop with the pointer, upon its completion, a magnetic field will be created within that boundary, the fields glow indicating its charge. Tom can click the pen to freely change the orientation of any object/fields in range, as well as turning the magnetism “on, off, and null”. These magnetic fields affect all metals, regardless of their innate ferromagnetism, or in layman's terms, even metals that are not normally able to be magnetised. Humanoid Form - While free from the pen, 「Money Trees」 can create, reshape, and telekinetically move a peculiar metal—also known as Money, which is very similar to silver—within range thats larger than a quarter. It can also predefine the magnetic field of Money as its being created. STAND STATS: Power: C - The magnetic pull (and thus push for similarly charged objects) is at C POW, as is the Stands physical force. The size of a magnetic field/affected object has no effect on the power of the magnetic pull; a large and a small loop will both create a single force vector of C POW. Additionally, while ordinary metal affected by the magnetic force cannot harm Stands, Money can, as can anything of 「Money Trees」s creation. Speed: A - Although larger quantities of Money are harder to move due to their weight, 「Money Trees」 can move incredibly and ‘metalbend quickly. Similarly, application and adjustments of its magnetism abilities occur at incredible speeds, much faster than Toms clicking may imply. Durability: E - 「Money Trees」 in both forms is incredibly fragile. However, while the pen does not transfer damage, it takes 5 seconds to regenerate if destroyed and all magnetic fields created will be dispelled. Similarly, although Money can affect Stands, it is also incredibly fragile. However, the more of it is accumulated, the harder it becomes to break. Range: C - While 「Money Trees」 is bound to E Range of Tom, its ability range is 20 meters. If Tom leaves the range of a magnetized object or a field, he can no longer change its magnetism, but the effect remains. Precision: A - Not only is Tom incredibly adept at using the Pen form, 「Money Trees」 is incredibly precise with its movement, senses, and ability usage, having the ability to freely remold Money into any shape. Moreover, Tom can choose whether or not to be affected by 「Money Trees」s ability. Stand Oddities: 「Money Trees」s pen form functions as a perfectly good pen, with unlimited amounts of red, blue, black ink. Team Combatant JoJolity Civil Disobedients Yuigahama Kaito “What you owe me… can never be payed back with money! ” Baroness, Tom, and now another goddamn Tom. You've had the hell beaten out of you so far, and youre the only one who seems to think youre worth anything. Now it's time to prove everyone else wrong. Prove your worth, and be inventive and showy as possible with your and Noriko's Stand while you beat this enemy into the ground! Fairy Fellers Noriko Yabuuchi “Think about it. Theres gasoline in bikes. ” But you dont care about bikes when you have your bus right there. You may not be able to get away with driving it against this opponent, but you can still make use of it! Use the bus and anything in it in interesting and creative ways in the match! Lyte Ltd. Tom Alcove “You can find iron anywhere in this world. Of course, it's in sand, as well as spring water and plants. Large amounts of iron can be found in vegetables like spinach and meats like liver. ” While youre certainly able to make your own [Money] youre just as capable of punishing these punks by creative use of whats already there. Use the metal in the surroundings in your strategy, and make it count in taking down these upstarts! Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet Link to R3 Match Schedule As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server.

I watched this last night and was thoroughly hooked from the first moment to almost the very end. As someone old enough to remember walking down Portobello Road in the summer of 1976 and thinking "something really weird is going on" it was a marvellous exercise in nostalgia for ME, but I was wondering what a young person would make of it all. I think they would find it interesting but I don't know if they would necessarily understand just how revolutionary the whole thing was. It would have been good to have included some short clips of contemporary mainstream acts such as Abba, Yes, Fleetwood Mac etc just to provide some reference points for what Punk was rebelling against. As the man who virtually single-handedly introduced reggae to the punk scene, Letts is admirably modest about his own contribution but in a way it would have been more accurate if he had allowed his many interviewees to sing his praises a little more. I thought Chrissie Hynde was the most insightful (as usual) and the women in general gave more interesting interviews than the men. One aspect of Punk was that it was almost completely un-sexist and this was thoroughly recalled and explained. The more unsavoury aspects of Punk: the neo-fascism, the glorification of hard drugs, the violence - these were rather glossed over, I felt. The despicable inhumanity of the hardcore scene in the US in the early 80s was hardly mentioned, nor were the psychotic antics and subsequent suicide of G G Allin. Neither were the abominable Oi bands mentioned, with their extreme right-wing Nazi leanings. Although I can understand Lett's not wanting to give them any publicity, any history of Punk that fails to acknowledge the extremely dark places that some of it led to is incomplete. Although the film suffers from the usual shortcomings of music documentaries - ie. the vintage clips are too short and the interview clips are too long - as an attempt to celebrate the positive aspects of Punk it is completely successful. Too bad Johnny Rotten and Iggy Pop obviously refused to take part, or Lou Reed for that matter. Never mind. This is a very worthwhile film and anyone who is interested in the Punk phenomenon will find it fascinating.

Punk: Attitude Movie stream online.


Punk: Attitude Movie streams. [Very long, but I know you have nothing better to do] EDIT: Tried to fix formatting. And for those who live in terrible places - take a joke. When NBA players reach the rare points of their careers when they actually have the unfettered discretion to choose where they want to live and play basketball, they choose different places for different reasons. Where would he have the best opportunity to contend for a championship? Who can pay him the most money? Where can he be the number one option and play the way he wants to play? Who has the best coach and front office? Which city has the best weather? Which city has the best clubs? The best strip clubs? Proximity to models? Proximity to Kardashians? Where did he grow up? Recently, every slight compliment that Kevin Durant bestows on a team or a town leads to wild speculation of where he will play next season. As the biggest free agent since Lebron took his talents to South Beach in 2010 and since he took his somewhat fading talents back to Lake Erie in 2014, there is good reason to speculate about KDs future. In all likelihood, his carefully crafted decision will lead to five years of playing for the Larry OBrien trophy no matter which jersey he dons. The complexities of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the increasing intelligence of most front offices in the league (sorry Sacramento) and the ability to be marketable from anywhere in a globalized economy have changed the way that players make decisions. It is no longer about forcing yourself to the biggest market, which historically, have been the places where a player was most likely to win. A monstrous television deal that will only increase in the next couple of years has leveled the playing field. As has a CBA where a team actually has to plan and make smart decisions to manage their salary cap situation. But lets pretend that its just about the city and the history of the franchise (but not the active basketball operations, coach and players. So – for example – we can say Michael Jordan played there! But, we cannot factor in Fred Hoiberg, the general current management of the team or the fact that you can play with Jimmy Butler. All else being equal – which NBA locations/teams are the most attractive to NBA players? Remember, we are looking at this from the perspective of young millionaires. BIG CITY, BRIGHT LIGHTS: Los Angeles Lakers It used to be like the rap wars of the mid-1990s. East Coast or West Coast? Biggie or Pac? New York or L. A.? Los Angeles had Hollywood opportunities (What if I told you that you get play a 7 foot genie, star alongside Francis Capra and Da Brat and be directed by the genius behind The Cutting Edge and three episodes of Miami Vice. Jack Nicholson watching courtside, young actresses (and aspiring ones) flooding the Forum Club and then Hyde at the Staples Center. You could have a mansion in Beverly Hills or on the Strand in Manhattan Beach. A player could enjoy the finest well-done steaks at Mastros. Or you could live in a Park Avenue penthouse. Give high-fives to Jay-Z. Get your boy a guest spot on Law & Order SVU. 4:00 a. m. nights with models in Tribeca and SOHO. And most importantly, being in the center of the media universe could make you as marketable as…Patrick Ewing? But times have changed. In the age of Twitter and Vine, League Pass, and nationally televised games, no matter where you are, players dont needNew York. They dont need L. A. But they still want L. The perfect weather and the pull of Hollywood, which remains the epicenter of the entertainment industry. A place where you can blend in and be afforded a little more privacy because residents are more excited by encounters with Jax fromVanderpump Rules. Los Angeles remains the place where you can play for one of the two most storied teams in the league, while being able to roll along Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible maroon Bentley on a 78 degree January afternoon. It is the Lakers history that puts L. at the top. Veterans grew up watching the late Magic years. Younger players grew up watching the Kobe-Shaq dynasty or the Kobe-Pau years. The games under the Showtime lighting, framed yellow jerseys and 16 championship banners just feel different. It is one thing to be an NBA player. It is a whole other to be a Laker. Miami Heat Its pretty much Los Angeles, but with the occasional hurricane, worse humidity, and Cuban telenovelas instead of big-budget motion pictures. Miami still has the beach and the clear and beautiful warm waters of South Florida. NBA players love neon lights and other bright shit, making South Beach a favorite. There are the palm trees and the waterfront mansions. A player can still date models. Prime 112 has tempura lobster (A Jalen Rose favorite. Alonzo Mourning and the late 1990s teams brought legitimacy to a new organization. Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley turned them into a premiere franchise and Lebron and the big-three era catapulted the Heat to arguably becoming the most marquee NBA franchise, other than the Lakers and Spurs, in the post-Jordan era. Also, in case you forgot every Cribs episode, never underestimate an NBA players adoration for Scarface. BIG CITY, NOT AS BRIGHT LIGHTS: Los Angeles Clippers Basically the Lakers, but with selfies hanging inside Staples instead of championship banners and nostalgia for Eric Piatkowski instead of Magic Johnson. The trash organization gained legitimacy when the NBA evicted their slumlord owner and brought in a tech billionaire whose products are not used by a single person in Los Angeles, most of whom are working on Broad City spec scripts at their local coffee shop. The marketability factor is still present with opportunities for players to be the king of insurance or mid-tier Korean family sedans. Its still Los Angeles and a player can always go out on Sunset and pretend he is on the Lakers. New York Knicks We pretend the Knicks are the unheralded kings of free agency. That everyone dreams of playing at the Garden and living in New York. But unless you grew up in the five boroughs - no one liked Ewing, Starks, Oak and Anthony Mason (RIP. Most NBA players would not know if Bernard King played on the Knicks between 1983-1987 or 1963-1967. The oldest active player in the NBA (the professor, Andre Miller) was born approximately three years AFTER the Knicks last won an NBA championship. Sorry, the Knicks arent a premiere NBA organization. And this is without even mentioning James Dolan. And - contrary to popular opinion - New York City is not the premiere place to live if you are an NBA superstar. A player would rather live in a sprawling 8, 000 square foot mansion with a regulation sized basketball court, shark tank, nine-hole golf course, and a Ritz Carlton quality pool than pay 10 million for a 2, 000 square foot apartment or brownstone. Your average NBA player would rather eat at The Cheesecake Factory than the awesome hole-in-the-wall Pho spot or David Changs latest Michelin rated restaurant. NBA players arent known to spend Saturday afternoons strolling the Museum of Modern Art or checking out trendy and provocative performance art projects in Bushwick warehouses. It isnt 1981, so nearly every NBA city has some semblance of nightlife where a player can enjoy a bottle of Dom P, VIP area, and have a flock of jersey-chasers clamoring for attention. NBA players dont fuck with the Subway. New York is really cold during approximately 80% of the NBA regular season. But even though I spent approximately 300 words shitting on New York, its still New York. Just ask JR Smith. [NOTE – THIS ABOVE PARAGRAPH DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU IF YOU ARE MARRIED TO LA LA. Brooklyn Nets The teams history is buried in a swamp in New Jersey. The legacy of the team since it has moved to Brooklyn centers around former stars who were collective decades removed from their primes. NBA players are not Lena Dunham. Its still New York, but not quite. Basically the New York Clippers. Having a Russian Oligarch multi-billionaire for an owner is pretty cool. NOT L. OR MIAMI, BUT THE WEATHER IS NICE Houston Rockets Its hot. There is good food and lots of chain restaurants. Huge houses for cheap and no state taxes. Paul Wall, Mike Jones (who. and Chamillionaire were at the height of their popularity when most of these guys were in junior high and high school. Hakeem might help you with your footwork. Allegedly, great strip clubs. Dallas Mavericks Its hot. There are quality steakhouses and lots of chain restaurants. Unfortunately, no strong rap history. No one to help you with your footwork, but Cuban provides the best perks (remember when he put a Playstation 2 in every players locker back in 2002. A lot of players are Dallas Cowboys fans because they are front-running assholes who grew up with the Irvin, Emmett and Aikman teams. And if Chandler Parsons chose to play there you know it is a good time. Phoenix Suns Its really hot. There are lots of chain restaurants. Huge houses for cheap, but there are state taxes. NBA players treat Phoenix as if it is a distant suburb of Los Angeles. Few models, but plenty of surgically enhanced cleavage and Arizona State Coeds. More NBA players than you think golf. Pool parties where players can wear socks, rubber Nike sandals, and two pairs of oversized basketball shorts. The Steve Nash teams revolutionized basketball and rescued the NBA from the 84-79 point games era. Barkley took them to the Finals against Jordan and maybe a player can get invited to his poker game (hope he makes a max-level salary. Orlando Magic Players have been known to live on lakes and jet-ski to each others houses to play Madden, which sounds like exactly the kind of life I would have liked to have led when I was 17. The weather is really nice and its almost tropical. Its basically Miami, but rednecks instead of Latin people and New York retirees, lakes instead of the ocean, and strip malls and Disney World instead of any semblance of nightlife. Those D12 teams were underrated (beat Lebron in his prime) but no one has ever said “Dwight Howard did it, so you know it is a good idea. ” Some goodwill remains from the Penny-Shaq era. Everyone forgets that T-Mac and Grant Hill played here. THE CITIES THAT SHOULD BE HIGHER Atlanta Hawks It is a mystery why Atlanta is not a more popular NBA city. You would think Atlanta would be at the center of the Venn diagram of where rappers and NBA players want to live. But apparently, NBA players dont care too much about fraternizing with 2 Chainz, Outkast, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, and Young Jeezy. It isnt San Diego, but the weather is nice. The food is good. You can buy a Southern estate for about the price of a condo in Inglewood. You might be able to get a cameo on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Freaknik is in Atlanta, even though its heyday has long since passed. Its at the top of the list of where traveling NBA players play like shit. Atlanta has arguably the best clubs of NBA cities that are not Los Angeles, New York, or Miami. Of course, I have to bring up The Gold Club, where you can feel free to hang around a little bit and talk to them, then leave. Its one of the two major African-American metropoles in the country. Highlights of the Hawks history are basically limited to the 2015 team getting swept in the conference finals, that time Joe Johnson hit a three, and Dominique Wilkins almost (he should have) beating MJ in the 1988 dunk contest. Maybe thats why guys dont want to play here. Washington Wizards Affectionately nicknamed Chocolate City. But basketball has really never mattered in DC outside of Georgetown hoops. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD AT BASKETBALL, BUT THATS ABOUT IT: San Antonio Spurs What would San Antonio be without the Spurs? The answer is El Paso. No one wants to live in El Paso. This is a good reminder that this list does not consider the strength of the present-day organization, but it does factor in the history of the organization. Therefore, the Spurs get a bump for having five titles, four of which no one cares much about. Theres a better chance of Fox News covering a Bernie Sanders rally than Hardwood Classics ever airing a game from the New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs 2003 Finals. San Antonio is, in essence, Dallas or Houston, but they tend to fare worse in the most obese cities rankings, more residents speak Spanish, and the chain restaurants are next to a dirty river. I am not sure any NBA players remember the Alamo. REMEMBER THAT WE ARE NOT FACTORING IN STEPH CURRY: Golden State Warriors Two years ago you would probably agree with this placement. Now you probably think I am insane, stupid or both. But in my completely arbitrary and not very well contemplated rules for this exercise, you dont get to factor in playing with Steph and company, but you do get to factor in the insane current popularity of the franchise, which has been propelled by Steph and company. So – ummm – make sense? Until this ongoing Warriors run, Golden State was akin to Milwaukee west. The years of Run TMC were all too brief and the most prominent superstar (before Steph) claimed by this franchise shot free throws underhand and is widely regarded as the most despised Top-50 player and champion in league history. And as much as tech-bros are popularizing Northern California, NBA players arent exactly swayed by the most European of NBA cities. Other than Boris Diaw and Tony Parker, not many NBA guys would enjoy a nice red at a sidewalk café on a foggy San Francisco afternoon and coordinate team day-trips to Napa. BIG CITIES, SHIT ITS COLD: Chicago Bulls The greatest of all-time wore number 23. No NBA teams identity is as much ingrained in the image of a single player. The Lakers are the Lakers even without one of Kareem, West, Wilt, Magic, Shaq, or Kobe. The Celtics are the Celtics even without one of Bill Russell, Bird, KG, or Pierce. The Bulls are the Timberwolves without Jordan. MJ has rewritten the history of the franchise so extensively that people forget that they were one of the leagues most dogshit franchises when they drafted Jordan out of North Carolina. To play in Chicago is to follow in Jordans footsteps, but unfortunately, the shadow he casts is so large that players are hesitant to fill those Air Jordans. Lebron – allegedly – scoffed when Chicagos pitch to him in 2010 was exactly that. The Bulls sent him a pair of Jordans with an accompanying message: “Do you dare to fill these shoes? ” We know how he answered. “Fuck no! ” And that seems to be the attitude that modern superstars hold. Why would I go to a team where – no matter what I do and how many championships I win – Ill never be Michael? Chicago is the pride of the prairie. Its the grandest American city outside of L. or NYC. But it is also the windy city and the most frigid big city in the country, where gusts off of Lake Michigan will literally pain your bones. Unless you are an opera connoisseur, it doesnt hold much appeal over many of the NBAs mid-sized cities. Theres a reason in Kanye Wests Good Life, he raps: “The good life, it feel like Atlanta, it feel like L. A., it feel like Miami. It feel like N. Y., summertime Chi, ahhh, now throw your hands up in the sky. ” Summertime Chi. As in – great place to play for the Cubs! But stay the fuck away during the NBA season. Boston Celtics How can the team with the most championships in NBA history be as low as 15? Why are the Celtics ranked below the Bulls when they have 11 more titles? Because even though Boston has the richest basketball history in the NBA, it also has - well - Boston history. Just ask Bill Russell about that. Even if Boston is a more friendly city to African-Americans in 2016 than the city was in 1966, it still has never been a free agent destination. The recent Big 3 era was orchestrated via trades rather than free agency, even if KG ultimately agreed to join Pierce and Jesus Shuttlesworth to win his first and only ring. But he was apprehensive, even calling Bill Russell to seek advice. Boston is a tremendous place to live, to go to college or graduate school, to be Irish, and the optimal place to be if youre a fan of the Dropkick Murphys, where bagpipe-punk ballads are bar staples on far more than just St. Patricks Day. Memories of the Garden and Bird and the other several hall-of-famers certainly serves as a strong recruiting factor. But when New England poet Robert Frost poses the question about two roads diverged in a yellow wood, the NBA millionaire is not going to choose either road that leads to the frigid Boston winters, no matter how pretty the foliage when the season begins. Toronto Raptors It is Canada. Which is not the United States. Which means it is a pain in the ass to deal with currency conversion. And you have to file taxes (which are higher in Canada) in two separate countries. Toronto is possibly the most metropolitan and lively large North American city outside of New York. Because I have not been to Toronto as an adult, I Googled the best clubs in the city to get a feel for how well those Canada nights complement the life of an NBA star. Number one as of July 2015 was Uniun, which sounds like a failing Vegas club at New York, New York, which not so successfully attempts to emulate some chic Manhattan spot. Here is the description: “Owned by the Ariana Grande of the Toronto club scene, Charles Khabouth…” So yeah, apparently a Lebanese Canadian club owner and hotelier in his fifties is the Ariana Grande of the Toronto club scene. Makes sense. Some other Union gems: BEERS ON TAP: None, but bottles of Heineken, Coors, Corona, and Molson Canadian. BAR SNACKS: None as of yet. WHO GOES THERE: Dressed-up fans of electronic music, beautiful people in their 20s and 30s. That place sounds TERRIBLE. I bet Jonas Valanciunas has a standing table reservation. In Toronto, English is still the primary language. While perhaps too similar to the Bratislava clubs in Eurotrip, there are numerous nightlife options. There is an abundance of diversity. Most importantly for NBA players, there is a Benihana! But it is cold. Really cold. Like colder than Boston, Chicago or New York cold. And if youre learning anything from this list, its that NBA players do not like being in the cold. Which is a primary reason that the Western Conference has been dominant for two decades. Even if NBA players have a debaucherous time on the road when traveling up to The North - its hard to shake the perceptions that are formed in childhood. And nearly every NBA player grew up thinking of Canada, even places like Toronto, as an uninhabited frozen wasteland with the occasional igloo and Eskimo. Three years ago Toronto would be ten spots lower on this list, but its helpful to have your ambassador and biggest celebrity fan be the most popular rapper on the planet. Drake might be worth more to this franchise than Lebron is worth to Cleveland. MEMPHIS: Memphis Grizzlies Its a smaller town than the warmer cities listed above and the weather is less desirable. Its one of the top cities for BBQ in the country, and perhaps, the best of any NBA city. Beale Street is apparently fun. It is more of a blue-collar city than NBA players typically prefer, but at least it is not in the Rust Belt. It is rated higher than similarly sized and geographically located cities Charlotte and New Orleans because the grit & grind era gave Memphis a distinct basketball identity that resonates with fans. The three most exhilarating things currently in the NBA are Russell Westbrook attacking the rim at full speed, Steph Curry pulling up from 40 and the Memphis PA system bumping Whoop That Trick during a crucial fourth quarter playoffs timeout. If only NBA players were bigger fans of Elvis. THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Portland Trailblazers The last remaining frontier of professional basketball in the Great American Northwest. Portland, as a city, has undergone a surge of popularity among Americas twenty-somethings, inspiring such articles as the Washington Posts Why quirky Portland is winning the battle for young college grads. Oregon has lakes, streams, rivers, trees and picturesque mountains. It also has one of Americas most infamous foodie scenes and thousands of clones of young Bill Walton, albeit the political and socially-conscious new anti-yuppies of Portland lack The Big Redheads size and athletic ability. But riding a fixie bike does keep those quads strong. While natural scenic beauty and hiking have not historically been strong sellers to NBA free agents, Portland - or at least nearby Beaverton - does have one thing that turns the heads of young athletes…The Swoosh. The Blazers also boast an NBA title, one of the better logo/color scheme combinations in professional sports, a devoted cult-like local following, and hall-of-famers across multiple generations. If only it did not rain so fucking much. Denver Nuggets Id personally rather live in Denver than any NBA city outside of Los Angeles, but I reckon I enjoy snowboarding, the mountains and IPAs more than your average professional basketball player. My team-building strategy for the Nuggets would be to target all Euro stars and convince them that living in the mile high city is like residing in an eighties ski movie, which it probably is for Gallinari. Vail and Aspen are surely suitable stand-ins for the Swiss Alps. I would also try to work on getting Kendrick Lamar a residency at Red Rocks. Unfortunately, among the most forgotten teams and players from the eighties were the really fun Fat Lever and Alex English led scoring machines. Fresh in the minds of most players is Melos slow and painful mid-season exit and theres no other recent period in Nuggets history which serves as a draw for free agents. But once the NBA gets out of the weed regulation business and ceases testing for non-performance enhancing drugs and non-narcotics, you can go ahead and bump the Nugs up a spot or ten. THE PROCESS: Philadelphia 76ers The city of brotherly love is the fifth largest United States city. But just because it is big doesnt mean that there is anything notable about the town. No one talks about the restaurants or the bars or the museums or anything that has really happened since the 18th century. There is the liberty bell, so thats cool? Most people only know about Philadelphia because of Ben Franklin book reports in fourth grade. Alllen Iverson was just interviewed by Complex Magazine and said his favorite thing to do in Philly was go to TGI Fridays. But people remember Dr. J and Moses Malone. And more recently, Allen Iverson had his best years in Philly and brought them to the Finals and I am not going to underestimate AIs impact, as he is up there with Jordan as one of the most iconic and culturally transformative players to ever pick up an orange ball. Too bad Sam Hinkie has worked his hardest to demolish a once proud franchises reputation. At least Philadelphia is not Milwaukee or Detroit. NICE CLIMATE, TOO REGIONAL: New Orleans Pelicans I dont have a lot of history to go on here, since The Big Easy has been a permanent NBA town for about a decade. It seems like a pleasant enough place to live. It is inexpensive. The cuisine is excellent. You can hear the best Jazz of your life on an unassuming street corner. You can legally walk down the street with a drink in your hand. You can legally gamble. No one seems to mind if you urinate outside a bar in the French Quarter at five in the morning. There are Southern mansions and a quieter life available in the burbs. Cash Money records reps the 504, but unfortunately, Im not sure Lil Wayne carries the same weight in 2016 as he did when he ruled the aughts. Theres an NCIS here now. The weather is mostly mild during the NBA season, but the worst natural disaster in United States history likely still looms large in players minds. Even if it is home to Mardi Gras and is essentially the Vegas of the American South, its still a very small town and that historically has not played well with NBA dudes. I just have the feeling its more likely for a players bachelor party than it is as a permanent residence. But New Orleans place on this list should be revisited in five or so years. Charlotte Hornets Everyone in Charlotte is a bank teller, financial analyst at a large commercial bank, works for the Federal Reserve or worships at the altar of Dale Earnhardt. I am surprised that the professional sports teams in the state dont have a permanent 3 patched onto the breast of the team jerseys. Charlotte is where SEC and ACC grads end up if they didnt get jobs in Atlanta. Other than middle-management at a regional office and NASCAR, when I think of Charlotte, one other thing comes to mind - college hoops. Jordan, Worthy, Stackhouse, Vince, Sheed and Dean Smith. Tar Heels versus Blue Devils. Pro basketball has already died once in Charlotte, but was singlehandedly resurrected by the greatest basketball player of all-time who just so happened to be from the state. If MJ was raised in Detroit, L. or Chicago, the Charlotte Hornets would be the Seattle Sonics 2. 0 or the Kansas City Jayhawks. But every male between 30 and 35 years old, no matter where they grew up in the U. S., had a teal Hornets Starter Jacket. If the Hornets want to increase their free agency rankings, they need to go back to their early-to-mid 90s LJ and Zo throwback attire. They also need to make Grandmama the permanent mascot. And at least for the next five to seven years - the front office can lure free agents with 50 yard line seats to see Cam Newton. FACTORY TOWNS AND KIND OF A CALIFORNIA TOWN: Detroit Pistons The epicenter of the desolate remains of once proud American manufacturing. If you sign with the Pistons, they may be able to hook you up with a good deal on a Ford Explorer. Living options are between a dilapidated warehouse in downtown Detroit or a 10, 000 square foot mansion in a Pleasantville-esque suburb, which are similar to the Northside burbs of Chicago, but if Chicago itself no longer existed and it was even colder. But the Pistons do well with adopting the persona of Detroit toughness. From the Bad Boys to the Billups-Rip-Tayshaun-Sheed-Ben Wallace squad. So a player can feel good about being perceived as a badass, but will soon learn why everyone respects his toughness and resilience, he has to live in Detroit. Sacramento Kings It sounds appealing to work and live in the capital of California, until you realize that the capital of California is Sacramento. The current Kings arena – Sleep Train (formerly Arco) – is located in a cow pasture. The best thing about Sacramento is the approximate 100 mile distance to Lake Tahoe and 90 mile distance to San Francisco. When your best selling point is being located not that far away from better places, it does not speak all that highly about your city. Sacramento…at least were not Barstow. The Maloof bros sold, so there is no longer access to free Vegas depravity. The Webber-Bibby-Peja-Vlade years were fun, but the franchise has since slowly slid into complete chaos and incompetence. They should just ditch the new digs and move to Orange County (which would immediately be a top three free agent destination) where players can live in Newport and Laguna Beach and not have to wait until retirement to hit on cougars at Javiers. Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller scoring eight points in nine seconds and miming the choking sign to Spike Lee single-handedly keeps the Pacers out of the bottom of the barrel. Aside from Hoosiers, Bobby Knight, Peyton Manning before the neck, Andrew Luck, Parks and Recreation, the beginning of The Jackson 5 and the non-NASCAR kind of racing, I dont know much about Indiana. I know Notre Dame is in South Bend, but the Irish pretty much exist independently of the State. Apparently you can fish there, which Roy Hibbert and Paul George taught us that a friendly team fishing expedition can heal deep wounds. So…here we are. Indiana! Cleveland Cavaliers Ill start with the obvious – if I was factoring in playing with Lebron, the Cavs would be near the top of these rankings. Although, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving might argue differently. Before Lebron Round One, the most iconic Cavs moment was Jordan nailing the double-pump, buzzer beating jumper in the 1989 playoffs and sending Craig Ehlo crying to his knees. During the early Lebron years, the Cavs are most remembered for wilting twice in the playoffs and being subsequently deserted by The King for the number two squad on this list. Cleveland rests on the shores of water so disgusting and polluted, that Lake Erie has caught on fire MULTIPLE times, including the 1969 Cuyohoga fire that played a major role in inspiring the formation of the EPA and the Clean Water Act of 1972. That same fire even had a cameo in Dr. Seuss The Lorax. The stench of failure is so strong in Cleveland that the Indians were the franchise chosen to be featured in Major League. Other than Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Lebron, Roger Dorn is probably the citys most treasured professional athlete. At least there is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is basically a Hard Rock Café without the food. ONE DAY WE SHALL FIND OUT: Oklahoma City Thunder One of my good friends and former college roommates is from Oklahoma City. His dad is an incredibly nice and smooth man who happens to own an oil and gas business and whose world view is equally shaped by attending college in Austin in the 1970s. If he were so inclined, Id let him frack in my living room. Here is what he has to say about living in Oklahoma City: We may not have the beach and we may not have the mountains, but people sure smile and say hello when you pass them on the street. While it may have warmth and friendly strangers, I dont know if that is enough for NBA free agents. And until Durant and Westbrook are no longer in the Sooner State, we will not find out. THAT KG FELLA WAS REAL TENACIOUS, DONT YA KNOW. Minnesota Timberwolves It is cold in Detroit. It is cold in Milwaukee. It is cold in Chicago. But only one United States city has an entire downtown system of enclosed pedestrian footbridges (Minneapolis Skyway System) so residents can walk in a climate-controlled environment year round. How fucking freezing does it have to be for a city to build an infrastructure so people never have to feel the outside air? Minneapolis is one of the more underrated American cities, but that designation mostly applies between Memorial and Labor Day. A July day on Lake Minnetonka is a Kenny Powers wet dream. But unless youre an ice fishing enthusiast, there are better places for the young and absurdly rich to spend their winters. It does not help that the most notable retired former Timberwolf is Wally Szczerbiak. Light Beer and Sausages: Milwaukee Bucks Kareem played here, but after six seasons, forced a trade to the Lakers. In return, the Bucks received four guys I am certain you have never heard of. Oscar Robertson played here, but played the majority of his prime in Cincinnati. Ray Allen played here, but was traded after six and a half seasons along with a collection of spare parts for old Gary Payton (who left the next offseason) and Desmond Mason (who would play two more seasons for the Bucks. Expect to see the Bucks trade Giannis in three years for Deron Williams and Frank Kaminsky. The Bucks did have one of the better forgotten runs in NBA history between the 1970 and 1974 seasons, where they won an average of nearly 61 games per year. Their 1971 championship run led by Kareem and The Big O was among the most dominant in history, where they went 12-2 through the playoffs including a finals sweep. Most outside of Milwaukee forget that the Bucks success continued after Kareem and Oscar departed, when Sidney Moncrief led them to a decade of near excellence in the Reagan era. But their strong eighties teams have been greatly overshadowed by those great and better 76ers, Celtics and Pistons squads. As for the rest of Wisconsin - it is shitty beer, the Packers, cheese, Madison and whatever the hell is going on in Manitowoc County. The New Orleans Jazz Moved to Utah, Where They dont Allow Music: Utah Jazz The State of Utah is about 61% Mormon and 91% white. Approximately 1. 27% of the population is African-American. No other U. S. state that has an NBA team has a smaller African-American population. If the Jazz could guarantee the NBA players/budding film producers that their projects would be admitted to Sundance, they might be able to field a dangerous team. A Baron Davis/Kobe/Lebron core could perhaps secure the 7th seed in the West. The Jazz do boast a rich history and a rabid fan base. But the very smart and talented front office knows that they operate in Utah, so they are better served building through the draft, where you can retain players against their will.

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